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Capabilities: Why Should They Select You?

How do you communicate information about your great company? The term Capability Statement started in the world of government contracting. This was the document needed to be able to tell the reader about your company. Brochures are gone. This method of marketing communication is intended to be one page and concise relative to your business competencies. When writing your Capability Statement you are trying to figure out the balance of enough information versus too much information. While it may have started out as a government contracting document; it can be a great tool for any and all businesses to use as your new marketing document. Yes, even those companies have no desire to be sell to government agencies! 

Market Research – Pot of Gold

According to a recent FORBES survey the main reasons why startups struggle can be summarized as lack of market knowledge about customer needs, competitors and recent changes in the industry.

Global Supply Chain

The global supply chain has been experiencing a bumpy ride since the pandemic started. A year passed, supply chain disruption is still an issue that many U.S. companies desperately want to solve. 

Federal News Network

Finding credible and legitimate information on federal contracting can be difficult but the Federal News Network has been around for over 20 years sharing the information on what is happening from the White House to Capitol Hill and should be considered a go-to source.  Their podcasts are not long, some even as short as 15 minutes, but deliver great information in a short time frame.  Don’t have time to listen to podcast – no problem!   You can sign up for breaking news alerts based on multiple category options.  Visit their website to view the information available:

5 Google Tools You Should be Using

Google is a powerful tool for small business owners and provides many services and programs that make life a little easier for startups who are breaking into the digital space.

Venture Capital: Funding Option for Startups

Venture Capital can become a great source for funding. Understanding the world of VC is the first step to conquer. Other steps include how to convince someone to part with their money and develop a top-notch presentation.

A Veteran Business Focus

In 2011, IL Governor Quinn signed into law the “Welcome Home Heroes” program which assisted veterans in multiple ways.

Certification: "What do all those letters mean?"

A colleague told you to get your business certified.  
Your friend told you to get 8(a) certified. 
You have heard of WBE, MBE, DBE, etc. but aren’t sure how the alphabet soup will benefit your business.




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