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Payment Policy

Payment Policy

College of DuPage requires all students to pay their account balance in full or enroll in one of our payment plans at the time of registration. If your account balance is not paid in full at time of registration, or you have not enrolled in a payment plan, you may be dropped from your classes for the amount owed.

Pay in Full Options

  1. Online: Pay by credit card, debit card, or electronic check via  myACCESS.
  2. In-person: Pay by credit card, debit card, cash, personal check, money order, or cashier's check at the Cashier's Office, Berg Instructional Center (BIC), Room 2424.
  3. By Phone: Pay by credit card or debit card with a cashier via phone at (630) 942-2206.

Payment Plan Options

If you are unable to pay your student account balance in full at the time of registration, you may opt to spread the payments over the term by enrolling in a payment plan.

  • The payment plan is an automatic deduction from the saved payment method used to enroll.
  • Any payment not made on the scheduled payment date will result in a $30 late fee automatically assessed to your student account, and you run the risk of being dropped from your classes for the amount owed.
  • Important communication regarding the payment plan, including scheduled payment reminders, will be sent to your student email account.
  • More information concerning payment plans, including the list of available payment plans and instructions on how to enroll, can be found on the Payment Plans page.

Financial Aid Recipients

Financial Aid is handled separately from the payment plan. Students receiving Financial Aid will need to enroll in a payment plan to hold the registered classes. If an outstanding balance exists on your student account on the scheduled payment date, you will be responsible for the agreed upon payment amounts denoted in the payment agreement.

For Financial Aid questions, please visit the Financial Aid website.

Company Sponsored Billing Option

Sponsored Billing is available for those students whose employers will pay for their tuition and fees, regardless of grades or class attendance. If grades or attendance are required for reimbursement, the student will need to pay for the classes and get reimbursed from their employer. The student will be responsible for all charges on their account.

The student and sponsor must accept the terms and conditions of the Sponsored Billing Agreement.

  • The Sponsor understands College of DuPage does not monitor grades or attendance.
  • The Sponsor agrees all courses the students registers for in the term listed will be covered unless otherwise noted on the Sponsored Billing Agreement.
  • The Sponsored Billing Agreement must be signed by both the student and the Sponsor to be effective.
  • The Sponsor agrees to pay within 30 days from the start of the term.
  • A letter from the Sponsor on company letterhead must also be provided.

 Process for Sponsored Billing

  1. Download the Sponsored Billing Agreement and Company Letter.
  2. Complete all sections of the Sponsored Billing Application, including student and sponsor signatures.
  3. Fax, mail, or return in person the completed Sponsored Billing Agreement and letter, on company letterhead, to the Office of Student Registration Services, located in Student Services Center (SSC), Room 2221.

Upon receipt of the Sponsored Billing Agreement, the student's tuition will be deferred, and the sponsor will receive an invoice for the tuition charges. The student will be responsible for any charges not paid by the sponsor. If the sponsor does not pay, the student will receive an invoice and have a restrictive hold placed on their account until the balance is paid in full.


Contact Information

Cashier's Office
Berg Instructional Center (BIC), Room 2424

Monday to Thursday 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Friday: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Phone: (630) 942-2206
Fax: (630) 942-2909