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Tuition Refunds for Credit Classes

The last day to drop a registered class and receive a tuition refund is dependent on the class dates and length of class (see Calendar). If you add or drop a class, it is recommended you check your myACCESS account to determine the impact on your account balance. If you drop a class, you may still be responsible for the cost of tuition and fees. Dropping a class during the refund period will not result in a "W" on your transcript. If you are receiving financial assistance, note that dropping one or more courses may result in an adjustment of aid you receive; it is recommended that you contact the Office of Student Financial Assistance before dropping a class.

The 100% refund date for a class is the last day you can drop the class and receive 100% of the tuition charges credited for the class, minus fees for field studies classes, and the 50% date is the last day you can drop the class and receive 50% of the tuition charges credited for the class. You can view the exact refund dates for each of your classes by clicking on "My class schedule" in your myACCESS account.

The Registration Calendar indicates the appropriate time period for tuition refunds. Tuition refunds for classes that begin and end outside of the regular semester schedule are determined on an individual basis.


A 100% refund is granted for withdrawal up to one day prior to the first class. Parents must call (630) 942-2208 to request a withdrawal or they will be charged the full amount. Note that non-attendance does not count as withdrawal. If a class is canceled, a complete refund will be issued.

A 100 percent refund is given if you withdraw up to one calendar day before the start of your class. Note that non-attendance does not count as withdrawal.

Trip fees are non-refundable. Travel protection brochures are available in the Field Studies office.

A 100 percent refund is given for a withdrawal that is caused by a canceled class or a college error. If a substitute class is not taken, a refund for paid tuition and fees will be issued within two to three weeks.

If a medical situation has interrupted a student’s ability to engage in classes, there may be options available through the Center for Access and Accommodations for resources and assistance to help a student to complete classes or assistance to complete a medical appeal. Review appeal options

The admission/recording fee will not be refunded. Visit the Admissions Policies page for application fee information.

Students withdrawing from credit classes that have lab/material fees will receive 100 percent of the lab/material fees for the first 7 percent of the session. Lab/material fees will not be refunded after 7 percent of the session.

If a student who is registered for both credit and non-credit classes wishes to withdraw from one class, the refund policy used will be the one appropriate for the class from which the student is withdrawing.


Appeals regarding refunds should be submitted through the Office of Student Registration Services. Visit Appeals Information for details.

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