Truck Enforcement Officer Refresher

The Illinois Truck Enforcement Association (ITEA) is proud to announce its refresher class for police officers. This annual certification program will provide police officers who specialize in truck enforcement the knowledge and resources necessary to do their job with confidence. It is without question that truck law is robust and complicated, which has yielded many variations enforcement methods. The ITEA strives to bring uniformity to truck enforcement activities. It is our belief that proper and consistent truck enforcement among police officers brings credibility to this highly specialized area of law enforcement. Professionalism requires accountability, and the ITEA is here to provide that.

The elective 8-hour certification class will be taught by ITEA Executive Board Members who are also full-time police officers who are board certified instructors for the ITEA 40-hour basic truck enforcement and portable scale certification class. This annual certification program is the first of its kind in Illinois for truck enforcement officers. The target audience for this class is police officers that have already attended a 40-hour basic truck enforcement class. The ITEA certification process is not just a mere "refresher" course, but a dynamic study into the finer points of truck enforcement. The ITEA has debated, sought counsel and written over thirty Standards of Practice (SOP) which members are called to follow. The SOP's not only settle controversial aspects of truck enforcement but will serve as the focal training material. When writing the SOP's, the ITEA came alongside police officers, attorneys, trucking industry professionals and leaders from the State regulatory agencies...a cooperative effort along desired by the truck enforcement community.

Topics Include

  • Legal Updates
  • Commercial Driver's License Update and Refresher when a CDL is Needed
  • Basic Weight Enforcement and Exceptions
  • Oversize/Overweight Permits and Size Law
  • Second Division Vehicle Registration
  • Safety Test and IFTA Laws
  • Impaired Driving and Commercial Vehicles Overview

Students successfully completing the course will be awarded an ITEA certification pin to proudly display their accomplishment...and to show they are counted among the best in the State.

Date and Time

Thursday, Oct. 27, 2022
8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Hours: 8
Tuition: $149

Future Date:


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