College of DuPage Celebrates Veteran Student Accomplishments at Veterans Recognition Reception

By: Jordyn Holliday

Veterans Recognition Reception

The Office of Veterans Services at College of DuPage recognized 13 veteran graduates and 19 S.A.L.U.T.E Veterans National Honor Society Inductees at the 2019 Veterans Recognition Reception. Click here for more photos.

This year’s graduates are as follows: Alyssa Bauer, U.S. Army; Tucker Carpenter, U.S. Army; Gregory Eure, U.S. Marine Corps; Pawel Fulat, U.S. Army; Kevin Hancock, U.S. Coast Guard; Carl Harper, U.S. Army; Robert Kugach, U.S. Navy; George Martinez, U.S. Marine Corps; Carlos Orta, U.S. Army; Jonathan Pivaral, U.S. Army National Guard; Catherine Scully, U.S. Marine Corps; Jim Slaber, U.S. Air Force/Air NG; Raymond Stetz, U.S. Navy.

This year’s S.A.L.U.T.E inductees are as follows: Noemi Alfaro,U.S. Marine Corps; Alyssa Bauer,U.S. Army; Tucker Carpenter,U.S. Army; Addison Christen,U.S. Army; Brandon Daily, U.S. Navy; Gabrieal Davis,U.S. Navy; Pawel Fulat,U.S. Army; Carl Harper,U.S. Army; Christopher Hurley,U.S. Army; Eddy Koonce,U.S. Marine Corps; Robert Kugach,U.S. Navy; Michael O’Grady,U.S. Marine Corps; Carlos Orta,U.S. Army; Rich Ryan,U.S. Air Force; Cate Scully,U.S. Marine Corps; Jim Slaber,U.S. Air Force/Air NG; Raymond Stetz,U.S. Navy; Joshua Tang,U.S. Army; Ziyue Yun,U.S. Army.

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