College of DuPage Students Win Eight Illinois Broadcast Association Silver Dome Awards

By: Mike McKissack

Silver Dome Award Winners Article Image

Five segments of Courier TV, the student-run on-campus television broadcast at College of DuPage, as well as two students from COD’s Motion Picture/Television program recently took top spots at the 2019 Illinois Broadcast Association Student Silver Dome Awards.

In the Best TV Longform Entertainment Programming category, first place went to student Mojeri Coker for “Pipe Dreams (view trailer here). Third place went to Amanda Brown for “Silver Island.”

For Best TV Newscast, second place went to the production team for the February 28, 2019 Courier TV News (view here): Vircell Dayap, Ian Georgeson, Brian Grebner, Anthony Guerrero, Manny Lopez, Luke Mosz, Natte Pleitt and C.J. Rosenstein.

For Best TV Spot, first place went to the production team for “Chaps Don’t Cheat –Ambulance” (view here): Will Garippo, Lopez, Pliett and Anisa Selenica. Third place went to the production team for “Glass Blowing” (view here): Justin Bordenaro and Dante Micelli.

For Best TV Photojournalism, first place went to Dayap and Mike Campos for “K9 Swim and Trim” (view here) and third place went to Lopez and Pliett for “Veterans Day – Bernard Coffey” (view here).

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Pictured above, from left to right: Brian Grebner, Mojeri Coker, Abbas Tayebali, Anisa Selenica and Amanda Brown.