COD Experts: Tim Genc

Tim GencAssistant Professor of COD's newly launched Aviation Management program Tim Genc is a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certified pilot with a passion for flying airplanes with more than 20 years of flying experience. He has held various roles in the aviation industry including Chief Pilot/Flight School Manager at JA Flight Services, National Support Coordinator/Online School Director at American Flyers, Director of Pilot Recruitment at Air Wisconsin Airlines and Chief Advisor and Executive Editor at 

“Nationally, the need for pilots and aviation management professionals is at a historic high,” Genc said. “With the launch of COD’s Aviation Management program, it allows us to provide the skilled talent that the aviation industry needs, and it gives students another pathway toward a fulfilling, high-wage career.”

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Areas of Expertise

  • Aviation Management
  • Aviation Safety Principles 
  • Aviation Meteorology
  • Airline Management
  • Aircraft Systems
  • Aviation Operations

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