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General Registration Information

Registering for Credit Classes

Students may register without a permit through the first meeting day for a class. As an example, if the class starts on a Monday, a student may register for this class without a permit through the end of the first day (until 11:59 pm). Exceptions to this rule are custom courses or courses with required safety training, licensure, accreditation or mandatory seat hours for legal reasons. The waitlist function will remain active through the late (one-day) registration period. Once the late registration period has passed, students are required to obtain a permit from the instructor. A $10 late registration fee will be charged for each class added after the first class meeting.

After the first class meeting, a student must request a late permit from the instructor to register for a class. Students may request a late permit up to and including the 10th business day of a term session through myACCESS. After the 10th day, a student must contact their instructor via e-mail to request a late permit. Permits are valid for three business days after the issuance date.

Automated Prerequisite Checking

Before registering for any course with a listed prerequisite, students are expected to have met the prerequisite requirement(s) or enrolled the term prior in the prerequisite course.

General Audit Information

Intent to audit a credit class must be indicated at the time of registration and the higher audit tuition charge will be assessed (see for rates). After the class begins, a permit issued by the instructor and Audit Enrollment Change Request are both required in order to change the registration to an audit. This change is done only through request by the student and cannot be revoked. Students may not request to audit a class after the last day to add a course with instructor permit (see your Class Schedule for specific date).


The audit grade of “X” is recorded on the student’s permanent academic record. No credit is earned and the audit grade doesn’t affect the student’s grade point average (GPA). No student will be assigned an audit grade for any class unless the above registration procedure is observed.

Students who choose to audit a course do so at their own request and understand the following limitations:

  • Audit status cannot be changed via myACCESS or Student Planning.
  • Course prerequisites must be met to audit a course.
  • Permission to audit is ordinarily granted for lecture classes only; Instructor’s permit is required (see steps below).
  • Attendance in courses as an auditor is based on the consent of the instructor and space availability.
  • Auditors’ participation in class is at the discretion of the instructor.
  • Audit credits count in the calculation of fees and included in the billing.
  • Audit tuition is noted on
  • Audited courses and credits for audited courses appear on a student’s transcript as “X.” The "X" (audit) grade does not earn credit and is not computed in the grade point average (GPA). It may affect Financial Aid, Academic Progress or athletic eligibility, or program completion and may not count toward program requirements.
  • Audit Enrollment Change cannot be requested past the last day to enroll without instructor’s permit (see Registration Calendar)
  • Audit courses may not be changed back to credit registrations at any time.

Steps for adding a course and requesting an enrollment status change to Audit

Regularly admitted students may request a change in enrollment status to audit a course by completing the below process.

  • Register: register on your own for the class(es) through myACCESS, Student Planning or with assistance with a Registration staff member
  • Complete payment: enroll in a payment plan, or pay for the course in full at the time of registration
  • Verify applicable timeframe: ensure you are within the timeframe of request by checking the Registration Calendar dates or your schedule in myACCESS.
  • Request Audit: complete the Audit Enrollment Change Request to change designated course enrollment(s) to “Audit”.
  • Request Instructor’s Permit: obtain approval from the instructor to audit the course by requesting an E-permit (via myACCESS or by email directly to instructor). Note: Class type will be updated to Audit upon receipt of the instructors permit.

If your request is approved, you will receive communication to your mail of the change, and you are able to view your updated status on My Class Schedule found in myACCESS and complete additional tuition charges.

Payment Policy

All students are required to pay their tuition and fees at the time of registration, including students who are expected to receive financial aid. If a payment is not selected at the time of registration, you will be dropped from your classes for non-payment.

Students may pay by cash, check or credit card. Students unable to pay in full must enroll in our convenient "Payment Plans". Students receiving financial aid (i.e., grants and loans) must enroll in the College's deferred payment plan. Direct links to these payment options are found in myACCESS. For more information on payment options, visit Payment Information.

For Financial Aid questions, visit the Financial Aid website, call (630) 942-2251 or For other questions, please contact the Cashier's Office at (630) 942-2206,

Payment Plans

Refund Information

A student will receive a tuition refund for a credit class only if the class is dropped within the first 12% of the number of calendar days in the session based on the start date of class. 100% refund of tuition & fees will be granted during the first 7% of the number of calendar days in the session based on the start date of the class. 50% refund of tuition & fees will only be granted during the first 8-12% of the number of calendar days in the session based on the start date of the class. The Registration Calendar will show the number of calendar days per session.

Students can view their specific refund dates for each class on the student’s class schedule which can be obtained by logging into myACCESS and clicking “My Class Schedule” located under the Academic Profile heading. Visit Refunds for more information.

Waitlist for Closed Classes

A waitlist may be available to students for credit course sections. When a student attempts to register for a class which is full/closed, the student will be notified that a waitlist is available. The student will have the opportunity to be added to the waitlist for only one section per course. If a seat becomes available, the student will be notified via their College of DuPage ( email account and will have until 11:59 p.m. that day to register for the open seat. If the student does not register for the open seat before 11:59 p.m. the same day, the student will be removed from the waitlist and the next student on the waitlist will be notified. If the student misses the opportunity to register and wants to be placed back on the waitlist, the student will be placed at the bottom of the waitlist. The waitlist function will remain active through the late (1-day) registration period for all sessions excluding custom courses or courses with required safety training, licensure, accreditation or mandatory seat hours for legal reasons.

Students can either be registered for a course or waitlisted for one section per course. If you register for a different section of the same course, you will be dropped from the waitlisted section.

Withdrawal Procedures

The final day for a student to withdraw from any course will be equal to 75% of the time for the respective academic session (see the Registration Calendar) through myACCESS.

After the deadline, students will be required to appeal for late withdrawal and provide appropriate documentation to the Office of Student Registration Services for all requests. Students who are granted approval to withdraw by petition will not be eligible for refunds of tuition or fees and will receive a ‘W’ grade on their transcript. Late Withdrawal Appeals must be submitted at least one day prior to the last regular class meeting. Students will not eligible to petition for late withdrawal during the week of Final Exams (or during the last week for NET classes).

Medical Appeals

Requests for medical appeals are made through the Office of Student Registration Services. Request form online must be submitted and accompanied by documentation from a physician or medical institution to verify the medical condition, date of onset and estimated length of treatment. Medical appeals are reviewed by committee; written notification of the decision will be sent to the student within four (4) weeks.

Adding or Withdrawing from Non-Credit Classes

You may register for classes up until the time the class begins. A 100 percent refund is given up to one (1) calendar day before the start of class. Please note that non-attendance does not count as a withdrawal.

Cancellation Policy

The College cannot guarantee that all the classes listed in the online or printed Class Schedule will be available when you register and reserves the right to cancel classes if there is insufficient enrollment. If your class is canceled, you may select another class or receive a full tuition refund.

Contact Information

Office of Student Registration Services
Student Services Center (SSC), Room 2221
Phone: (630) 942-2377

Regular Hours

Monday to Thursday: 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Friday, closed for summer

myACCESS Help Desk: (630) 942-2999

Individuals who need language assistance, please call Campus Central at (630) 942-3000 or email