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Degree Audit

A Degree Audit is a report that lists the graduation requirements for your degree or certificate program. It will list the courses that may be taken to complete each requirement. Your completed courses, including those accepted in transfer or earned through demonstrated competency will be displayed under the requirement is satisfies.

What does a Degree Audit not display? Admission requirements and prerequisite coursework (courses numbered below 1000) are not included in a Degree Audit, because they are not required to graduate.

You can run a Degree Audit based on your chosen academic program or any of the degree and certificate programs offered at College of DuPage. A Degree Audit is currently available in your myACCESS account, under the Academic Profile section available through the student portal at

It’s important to monitor your progress towards graduation and to ensure that the courses you choose to take will satisfy requirements. Courses that don’t count towards graduation add extra time and money to your education.

Student Success Counselors are available to assist you in planning coursework, career and transfer options. Schedule time to see a counselor by calling (630) 942-2259.

If your Academic Program is not reflective of your current goal, you can request a change by completing the Academic Program Change form. No approval is required, but note that changing your academic program may impact your financial aid or veterans benefits.

Student Planning

Student Planning is a tool that combines the Degree Audit with an Educational Plan. It allows you to create a plan and track your progress toward a degree. It’s designed to help keep you on track with taking the right classes.

  • You can easily view your progress toward your degree with the progress bar, showing your percentage of completion of requirements and total credits.
  • You can load your educational plan into a semester schedule which suggests the order to take required and elective courses.
  • You can register for classes.
  • You can send an email to your Student Success Counselor, whether it be to review the plan you’ve created or to ask a question.

Student Planning is currently available in your myACCESS account, under the Academic Profile section available through the student portal at


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