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Program Code Listing

Degree Programs

  • Associate in Arts (AA)
  • Associate in Fine Arts: ART (ART.AFA)
  • Associate in Fine Arts: MUSIC (MUSIC.AFA)
  • Associate in Engineering Science (AES)
  • Associate in General Studies (AGS)
  • Associate in Science (AS)
  • Associate in Applied Science
  • See list below for options



  • Accounting (ACCOU.AAS)
  • Accounting Bookkeeping certificate (ACCOU.CER.BOOK)
  • Advanced Accounting certificate (ACCOU.CER.ADV)
  • Paraprofessional Accountant certificate (ACCOU.CER.PARA)

Anesthesia Technology

  • Anesthesia Technology (ANES.AAS)
  • Anesthesia Technology certificate (ANES.CER


  • Business Anthropology certificate (ANTHR.CER.BUSIN)


  • Architectural Technology-CADD (ARCH.AAS.CADD)
  • Construction Management (ARCH.AAS.CONST)
  • Pre-Architecture Technology (ARCH.AAS.PRE)
  • Architectural Technology certificate (ARCH.CER.ARCH)
  • Construction Management certificate (ARCH.CER.CONST)
  • Pre-Architecture certificate (ARCH.CER.PRE)
  • Architectural Rendering certificate (ARCH.CER.REND)

American Sign Language

  • American Sign Language Interpreter (ASLI.AAS)
  • American Sign Language certificate (ASLI.CER.INTP)
  • American Sign Language certificate (ASLI.CER.SIGN)

Automotive Service Technology

  • Master Automotive Service Technology (AUTO.AAS.MSTR)
  • Master Automotive Service Technology certificate (AUTO.CER.MSTR)
  • Automotive Service Management certificate (AUTO.CER.SERV)

Central Processing Distribution

  • Central Sterile Processing Distribution Technician Certificate certificate (CSPD.CER.CPDT)

Computer and Information Science

  • Game Animation & Design (CIS.AAS.GAMEA)
  • Game Design & Development (CIS.AAS.GAMED)
  • Game Programming & Development (CIS.AAS.GAMEP)
  • Software Development (CIS.AAS.SOFTW)
  • Application & Technical Support Specialist (CIS.AAS.TECH)
  • Business Productivity Software certificate (CIS.CER.BUSPRO)
  • Web Client Developer certificate (CIS.CER.CLIENT)
  • C++ Language certificate (CIS.CER.CPLUS)
  • Database Proficiency certificate (CIS.CER.DBPRO)
  • Enterprise Database Proficiency certificate (CIS.CER.ENTDB)
  • Game Design & Development certificate (CIS.CER.GAMED)
  • Game Programming & Development certificate (CIS.CER.GAMEP)
  • iPhone/iPad Developer Proficiency certificate (CIS.CER.IPHPD)
  • Java Language certificate (CIS.CER.JAVA)
  • Linux certificate (CIS.CER.LINUX)
  • Windows Network Administration certificate (CIS.CER.NETWK)
  • Spreadsheet Proficiency certificate (CIS.CER.SPREAD)
  • UNIX Proficiency certificate (CIS.CER.UNIX)
  • Visual Basic Language certificate (CIS.CER.VB)
  • Web Programmer certificate (CIS.CER.WEBPRG)

Computer and Information Technology

  • Computer and Information Technology (CIT.AAS)
  • Cybersecurity and Defense Degree (CIT.AAS.CYBER)
  • Computer and Information Technology certificate (CIT.CER)
  • CCNA Security certificate (CIT.CER.CCNA)
  • Cybersecurity Specialist certificate (CIT.CER.CYBER)
  • Internetworking Technician certificate (CIT.CER.INET)
  • Network Professional certificate (CIT.CER.NET)
  • System Support Specialist certificate (CIT.CER.SYS)
  • Enterprise System Administrator certificate (CIT.CER.SYSADM)
  • CompTIA A+ & Network+ PC Technician certificate (CIT.CER.TECH)
  • Voice Over IP Telephony Specialist certificate (CIT.CER.VOICE)


  • Cosmetology (COSME.AAS)
  • Cosmetology certificate (COSME.CER)
  • Nail Technology certificate (COSME.CER.NAIL)

Justice Studies

  • Justice Studies (CRIMJ.AAS)
  • Homeland Security (CRIMJ.AAS.HOME)
  • Justice Studies certificate (CRIMJ.CER)
  • Forensic Criminal Investigations certificate (CRIMJ.CER.FCI)
  • Homeland Security certificate (CRIMJ.CER.HOME)

Culinary Arts

  • Baking & Pastry Arts (CULIN.AAS.BAKE)
  • Culinary Arts (CULIN.AAS.CUART)
  • Culinology and Food Science (CULIN.AAS.CULIN)
  • Baking & Pastry Arts certificate (CULIN.CER. BAKE)
  • Culinary Arts certificate (CULIN.CER.CUART)

Dental Hygiene

  • Dental Hygiene (DEHYG.AAS)

Diagnostic Medical Imaging

  • Diagnostic Medical Imaging Nuclear certificate (DMIN.CER)
  • Computed Tomography certificate (DMIN.CER.CTOMO)
  • Diagnostic Medical Imaging Radiography (DMIR.AAS)
  • Mammography certificate (DMIR.CER.MAMM)
  • Diagnostic Medical Imaging Sonography (DMIS.AAS)
  • Diagnostic Medical Imaging Sonography certificate (DMIS.CER)
  • Diagnostic Medical Imaging Vascular Sonography certificate (DMIS.CER.VASC) 

Earth Science

  • Weather Hazards & Preparedness certificate (EARTH.CER.WHAZ)

Early Childhood Education & Care

  • Early Childhood Education & Care (ECEC.AAS)
  • Early Childhood Administration (ECEC.AAS.ADMIN)
  • Early Childhood Education & Care Administrator certificate (ECEC.CER.ADMIN)
  • Early Childhood Education & Care Advanced Assistant Teacher certificate (ECEC.CER.ADVAT)
  • Early Childhood Assistant Teacher certificate (ECEC.CER.ASST)
  • Family Child Care Provider certificate (ECEC.CER.FAMCC)
  • Multicultural Education & Care for the Young Child certificate (ECEC.CER.MULTI)
  • School-Age Child Care certificate (ECEC.CER.SCHCC)
  • Infant, Toddler, 2-Yr Old Child Care certificate (ECEC.CER.TODD)


  • Paraprofessional in Education certificate (EDUCA.CER.PARAP)
  • Teaching Online Utilizing Technology certificate (EDUCA.CER.TOUT)

Electronics Technology

  • Electronics Engineering Technology (ELECT.AAS)
  • Biomedical Engineering Technology (ELECT.AAS.BIOMED)
  • Electronics Technology certificate (ELECT.CER)
  • Electricity & Electronics Technology certificate (ELECT.CER.EETEC)
  • Industrial Control & Automation certificate (ELECT.CER.INDCA)
  • Renewable Energy Technology certificate (ELECT.CER.RENEW)


  • Electrician Apprenticeship (ELMEC.AAS.ELECA)
  • Electro-Mechanical Technology (ELMEC.AAS.ELMET)
  • Electrician’s Preparation certificate (ELMEC.CER.EPREP)
  • Mechanical Maintenance certificate (ELMEC.CER.MECH)
  • Mechatronics Technology certificate (ELMEC.CER.MECTEC)
  • Advanced Multiskilled Technician certificate (ELMEC.CER.MULTSK)
  • Process Control Instrumentation certificate (ELMEC.CER.PROC)
  • Programmable Logic Controllers certificate (ELMEC.CER.PROLOG)


  • Professional Writing certificate (ENGLI.CER.PROF)

Eye Care

  • Eye Care Assistant certificate (EYE.CER.ASST)

Facility Management

  • Facility Management General certificate (FACM.CER)
  • Facility Management Technician certificate (FACM.CER.TECH)


  • Fashion Design (FASHI.AAS.DESGN)
  • Fashion Merchandising (FASHI.AAS.MERCH)
  • Fashion Design certificate (FASHI.CER.DESGN)
  • Fashion Entrepreneur certificate (FASHI.CER.ENTRE)
  • Fashion Merchandising certificate (FASHI.CER.MERCH)

Fire Science

  • Fire Science (FIRE.AAS)
  • Emergency Medical Services (FIRE.AAS.EMS)
  • Firefighter certificate (FIRE.CER)
  • Emergency Medical Technician certificate (FIRE.CER.EMT)
  • Paramedic certificate (FIRE.CER.MEDIC)


  • Geographic Information Systems certificate (GEOGR.CER.GIS)

Graphic Design

  • Graphic Design (GRDSN.AAS)
  • Interactive Media Degree (GRDSN.AAS.MEDIA)
  • Graphic Design Foundation certificate (GRDSN.CER.FOUND)
  • Web Design certificate (GRDSN.CER.WEBDE 

Hearing Instrument Dispensary

  • Hearing Instrument Dispensary Program certificate (HIDP.CER)

Health Information Technology

  • Health Information Technology (HIT.AAS)
  • Acute Healthcare Coding certificate (HIT.CER.ACUTE)
  • Ambulatory Coding certificate (HIT.CER.AMBUL)
  • Physician Office Coding certificate (HIT.CER.POBILL)

Health Sciences

  • Non-Invasive EKG Technician certificate (HLTHS.CER.NEKG)
  • Pharmacy Technician certificate (HLTHS.CER.PHARM)
  • Phlebotomy certificate (HLTHS.CER.PHLEBT)


  • Horticulture (HORT.AAS)
  • Landscape Contracting and Management Degree (HORT.AAS.LAND)
  • Sustainable Urban Agriculture Degree (HORT.AAS.URBAN)
  • Horticulture (HORT.CER)
  • Floral Shop Management certificate (HORT.CER.FLOR)
  • Nursery & Garden Center certificate (HORT.CER.GRDN)
  • Power Equipment Technology certificate (HORT.CER.POWEQ)
  • Greenhouse Management certificate (HORT.CER.GRNH)
  • Landscape Design & Construction certificate (HORT.CER.LAND)
  • Sustainable Landscapes certificate (HORT.CER.SUSTAIN)
  • Landscape & Turf Maintenance certificate (HORT.CER.TURF)
  • Sustainable Urban Agriculture certificate (HORT.CER.URBAN)


  • Meeting & Event Planning (HOSP.AAS.EVENT)
  • Hospitality Management (HOSP.AAS.MGMT)
  • Restaurant Management (HOSP.AAS.REST)
  • Travel/Tourism (HOSP.AAS.TRVL)
  • Meeting & Event Planning certificate (HOSP.CER.EVENT)
  • Hotel Foundations certificate (HOSP.CER.FOUN)
  • Hospitality Management Operations certificate (HOSP.CER.OPER)
  • Travel/Tourism Professional certificate (HOSP.CER.PROF)
  • Resort Management certificate (HOSP.CER.RESORT)
  • Restaurant Management certificate (HOSP.CER.REST)
  • Hotel Sales & Marketing certificate (HOSP.CER.SALE)
  • Travel & Tourism Foundations certificate (HOSP.CER.TTFDN)
  • Wedding Planning Management certificate (HOSP.CER.WEDPLAN)
  • Wine Appreciation & Knowledge certificate (HOSP.CER.WINE) 

Human Services

  • Human Services (HUMAN.AAS)
  • Addictions Counselor (HUMAN.AAS.ADDIC)
  • Human Services certificate (HUMAN.CER)
  • Addictions Counseling certificate (HUMAN.CER.ADDIC)
  • Corrections Counseling certificate (HUMAN.CER.CORR)
  • Developmental Disabilities certificate (HUMAN.CER.DEVDS)
  • Domestic Violence certificate (HUMAN.CER.DOM)
  • Fund Development in Human Services certificate (HUMAN.CER.FDEV)
  • Applied Gerontology certificate (HUMAN.CER.GERON)
  • Mental Health First Aid certificate (HUMAN.CER.MHLTH)
  • Psychiatric Rehabilitation certificate (HUMAN.CER.REHAB)
  • Residential Child Care certificate (HUMAN.CER.RESCC)
  • Veterans Counseling certificate (HUMAN.CER.VET)


  • HVACR Service Technician (HVACR.AAS.HVAC)
  • HVACR Facility Maintenance Mechanic (HVACR.AAS.MAINT)
  • Building Automation Systems certificate (HVACR.CER.SYSTM)
  • Energy Audit & Analysis certificate (HVACR.CER.ENERG)
  • Service Technician certificate (HVACR.CER.HVAC)
  • Stationary Operator certificate (HVACR.CER.STATOP) 

Integrated Engineering Technology

  • Integrated Engineering Technology (INET.AAS.IMMT) 

Interior Design

  • Interior Design (INTER.AAS)
  • Interior Design Computer App certificate (INTER.CER.COMP)
  • Kitchen & Bath Design certificate (INTER.CER.KBD)
  • Interior Design Lighting certificate (INTER.CER.LITE)
  • Sustainable Interior Design certificate (INTER.CER.SUST)

Library & Information Technology

  • Library & Information Technology (LIBRA.AAS)
  • Library & Information Technology certificate (LIBRA.CER)

Long Term Care

  • Long Term Care Administration certificate (LTC.CER)


  • Management (MANAG.AAS)
  • Management certificate (MANAG.CER)
  • Business Environment certificate (MANAG.CER.BEC)
  • E-Commerce certificate (MANAG.CER.ECOM)
  • Entrepreneurship certificate (MANAG.CER.ENTR)
  • Human Resource Management certificate (MANAG.CER.HRM)
  • Organizational Leader certificate (MANAG.CER.ORG)
  • Supervision certificate (MANAG.CER.SPRV)

Manufacturing Technology

  • Manufacturing Technology (MANUF.AAS)
  • Automated Manufacturing Systems (MANUF.AAS.AUTO)
  • Manufacturing Technology Drafting & Design (MANUF.AAS.DRAFT)
  • Manufacturing Engineering Technology (MANUF.AAS.MET)
  • Manufacturing Technology certificate (MANUF.CER)
  • Automated Manufacturing Sys certificate (MANUF.CER.AUTO)
  • Computer-Aided Design certificate (MANUF.CER.CAD)
  • CNC Operations certificate (MANUF.CER.CNC)
  • Manufacturing Drafting/Design certificate (MANUF.CER.DRAFT)
  • Mold Making certificate (MANUF.CER.MOLD)
  • Manufacturing Skills Standards certificate (MANUF.CER.MSSC)
  • Tool & Die Making certificate (MANUF.CER.TOOL) 


  • Marketing (MARKE.AAS)
  • Marketing certificate (MARKE.CER)
  • Consumer Marketing certificate (MARKE.CER.CONS)

Medical Assistant

  • Medical Assistant (MASST.AAS)
  • Medical Assistant certificate (MASST.CER)

Motion Picture Television

  • Animation (MPTV.AAS.ANIMAT)
  • Digital Broadcast Journalism (MPTV.AAS.BROADCST)
  • Film/Video Production (MPTV.AAS.FILM)
  • TV Production (MPTV.AAS.PROD)
  • Motion Picture & Television certificate (MPTV.CER)
  • Animation certificate (MPTV.CER.ANIMA)

Magnetic Resonance Imaging

  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging Advanced certificate (MRIT.CER)


  • Music Business (MUSIC.AAS)
  • Audio Production certificate (MUSIC.CER.AUDIO)


  • Basic Nursing Assistant Training certificate (NURSA.CER.CNAT)
  • Nursing (NURSI.AAS)
  • Practical Nursing certificate (NURSI.CER)
  • Practical Nursing Med Corpsman certificate (NURSP.CER.CORP)

Office Technology

  • Executive Assistant (OFTI.AAS.EXEC)
  • Admin Assistant/Meeting & Event Plan (OFTI.AAS.MEET)
  • Administration Support Specialist (OFTI.AAS.SUPRT)
  • Administrative Support Essentials certificate (OFTI.CER.ESSEN)
  • Medical Office certificate (OFTI.CER.MEDOF)
  • Admin Assistant /Meeting & Event Plan certificate (OFTI.CER.MEET)
  • Office Technology Specialist certificate (OFTI.CER.SPEC)
  • Administrative Support Specialist certificate (OFTI.CER.SUPRT)
  • Word Specialist certificate (OFTI.CER.WORD)

Ophthalmic Technician

  • Ophthalmic Technician (OPTH.AAS)

Operating Room Patient Care

  • Operating Room Patient Care Technician certificate (ORPCT.CER)


  • Paralegal Studies (PLGL.AAS)
  • Paralegal Studies certificate (PLGL.CER)


  • Photography Technology (PHOTO.AAS.TECH)
  • Photography Technology certificate (PHOTO.CER.TECH)

Physical Education, Fitness, and Sport Studies

  • Fitness Instructor certificate (PHYS.CER.FITN)
  • Sports Performance Training certificate (PHYS.CER.PERF)

Physical Therapy

  • Physical Therapist Assistant (PHYTA.AAS)

Radiation Therapy

  • Radiation Therapy certificate (RATH.CER)
  • Proton Therapy Advanced certificate (RATH.CER.PROTN)

Respiratory Care

  • Respiratory Care (RESP.AAS.RC) 

Speech-Language Pathology

  • Speech-Language Pathology Assistant (SLPA.AAS)


  • Foundations of Data Science certificate (SOCIO.CER.DATA) 

Surgical Technology

  • Surgical Technology (SURGT.AAS)
  • Surgical Technology certificate (SURGT.CER)
  • Surgical Assistant certificate (SURGT.CER.ASST)
  • Perioperative Nursing certificate (SURGT.CER.PERIO)


  • Welding Technology (WELD.AAS)
  • Welding certificate (WELD.CER)
  • AWS Sense 1 certificate (WELD.CER.AWS)