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Early Alert Referral System

The Early Alert Referral System at College of DuPage is a part of a student success initiative to keep you on track so you can achieve your educational goals.

An Early Alert referral is a notice your instructor has submitted when there is a concern about your performance in a class. Early Alert referrals may identify frequent absences, missed assignments or exams, or failure in a class. College of DuPage is being proactive in efforts to reach out to offer assistance and support as you strive to achieve academic success. We want to identify any specific barriers to success that you may be experiencing, and make recommendations of strategies that may prove helpful in eliminating those barriers.

Early Alert notices are not grades. They are a way for College of DuPage to communicate with you that a change is necessary for academic success, as well as identify additional resources that can support your learning.

Action you should take

When an instructor turns in an Early Alert Referral the alert is forwarded to a counselor. A counselor will then arrange to meet with you in person to identify strategies and resources available to you at College of DuPage so that you may do better in the course. You should respond in a timely manner and consider recommendations of available services, support systems or a suggestion to attend a workshop that will help you get back on track.

You want to be cautious in withdrawing from a course since it could impact your financial aid benefit. If you are receiving financial aid you should consult with the Financial Aid office (or contact them directly at financialaid@cod.edu ) before withdrawing from any class to determine the impact on your aid.

Getting Help

What steps should I take if I'm struggling in a course and need help to be successful?

  1. Talk to your instructor about the problem as soon as possible to get recommendations about how to improve in the course.
  2. Seek help through the many academic support services available to all students. College of DuPage provides a number of services and resources FREE of charge. Services you may use include:

Contact Information

Dean of Students
(630) 942-2485