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Student Leadership Council Election Candidates

Student Leader 2020 Online Elections

Wednesday, March 11 and Thursday, March 12


Student President Candidates

Alexander De Guzman photo

Alexander De Guzman

Alexander De Guzman

Aurora, IL
Mechanical Engineering 

I want to utilize all the knowledge and experiences as a tool in making the Student Leadership Council an efficient organization​ ​in making the student voices heard.​ ​As someone who’ve seen the past and present, I want to make sure the future of the Student Leadership Council is as good or even better. Statement: TUITION increases every year by 1 dollar, As someone who has work in the SLC organization, I want to make sure the Student Leadership Council is as good or even better by having free tuition for students. Within the College of DuPage, my involvement started from being a New Student Orientation Leader in 2018 to a Student Leadership Council officer in 2019. I was in the Living Leadership Program and the Peer Mentoring Program. I volunteered at Phi Theta Kappa’s Fuel Pantry and the COD 5K run in Fall 2019. I’ve helped organize and host the Hunger Banquet in COD to bring awareness about global hunger. I participated in the Living Leadership Retreat, Women Leader’s Summit, National Conference Student Leaders in Orlando, Florida and Leadership Conference at JJC. I was a club officer for the Asian Student Association, a member of the Korea Club, and a crew member for Alter Ego Productions. I’m part of two committees, the Academic Integrity and Pathways Committee. I was part of the 19th Annual Awards Celebration and received the Living Leadership Program medal and certificate for completion, Peer Mentoring Program, NSO, MLK service certificate and was recognized as a student leader at NCSL. Within a year, I’ve been taking steps to improve my leadership skills and develop as a person altogether. For this position, my experiences as a leader prepared me to take the next step as the President of SLC. I appreciate COD for the people who helped me to be a better version of myself every day.

Hasiya Najmin Isa

Hasiya Najmin Isa

Hasiya Najmin Isa

Naperville, IL
Chemical Engineering

I am running for President of the Student Leadership Council because I believe leadership is collaborating with others to work towards a goal. I have been a member of a student council club at every school I have attended and am a Board member of a student lead club at COD called Honors Student Advisory Council. My main form of involvement at COD has been through volunteering. I enjoy being a part of the community and helping out in any way I can. I am also an advocate for encouraging my fellow peers to become more involved in the community and making them more aware of the different opportunities COD has to offer. One of many things I appreciate about COD is that it goes far beyond being just a community college. There are so many events, programs, and clubs that make COD more than just a learning center and more students should know about that. If we can get the students to be more involved and aware, we can strive towards making COD an even more enjoyable environment. Vote for me as President so we can work together to strive for the change we want!


Student Trustee Candidates

Samiha Syed

Lombard, IL

It is with great privilege that I submit my application to run and serve as student trustee of the Student Leadership Council. Over the past year, I have acquired extensive leadership experience and insight into the student condition. I have, in a multitude of settings, represented my student organizations: the Future Physicians Club, Society of Women Engineers and Care to Cure, as president, vice president and officer. I've attended conferences with company representatives on behalf of my peers and established partnerships between the college and companies such as: the Compassionate Care Network and Heartland Blood Centers. I have led the effort as coordinator in the campus-wide blood donorship initiative, conducting free health screenings, providing reduced healthcare costs to uninsured patients and club outreach. Through leadership and service, I've been able to communicate with students about their thoughts and concerns regarding college programs. Through the students, I've learnt that power is the ability to equip resources. Furthermore, as a leader it is important to be someone who is involved on campus enough to know what changes or improvements can be made, as well as, hear the voice of the students. It is for this reason that I'd like to serve as student trustee - to vote, represent and make the difference that students would like to see. Based on my experiences, what I find to be most praiseworthy about COD is the endless opportunities, the emphasis on the student capacity to learn and serve, as well as, the diverse work of art that is the student body. To serve this community is my passion but above all it is an honor and privilege, so thank you!


Julia Blaszkowska photo

Julia Blaszkowska

Julia Blaszkowska

Downers Grove, IL

I am running for a Student Trustee position for SLC. The Board of Trustees oversees all of the policies and activities at COD and I want to be able to give students a voice in the making of those important decisions. The experiences I’ve had from being a captain of my high school soccer team to student-teaching a class of fourth-graders have allowed me to practice the leadership skills that I plan on using during my time as a Trustee. I love working with other people and problem-solving. As a first-year community college student, I really appreciate the effort COD puts into student life and getting students involved and it would be an honor if I could have a part in creating a better experience for the student body.


Contact Information

Office of Student Life
Student Services Center (SSC), Room 1217, (630) 942-2243