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Student Leadership Council Election Candidates

Student Leader 2019 Online Elections

Wednesday, March 13 & Thursday, March 14

Check your COD student email for ballot information.

Student Body President Candidate

Callie Parker

My purpose for running for student body president is that I want to help people with their academic endeavors.I want to be a voice for people who have the ambition to go to college everyday regardless of the reason.This is my first year here at College of DuPage and I have been involved in Pride Alliance and Feminist Club. Everyone that I have encountered here have inspired me to run for student body president. Every person I've met here is beautiful and unique.My qualifications for running for student body president is that I am very patient, and compassionate about people's lives. The equality and safety of the student body of different ethnicities, socio-economic backgrounds, gender identity as well as sexuality are all very important to me. I appreciate College of DuPage for providing me with social networks that can help me in my future career of being an OBGYN.I care about every member of our student body just like I will care and love each of my future patients. I inspire to be the change that I want to see in the world.I am running for student body president to help others achieve their dreams and what they want to be in the world. I'm very open-minded with others in sharing the human experience.

Uthman Khilji

It is with great pleasure, passion, and privilege that I submit my application to run and serve for the Student Leadership Council as a President. Many people might
wonder why do I want to become the next SLC President, well its because I want to play an active role in the ongoing improvement of our College and to solve some problems that have been neglected in the past. Some problems include the high tuition rate and insignificant food for students. Not only am I involved with SLC as a voter representative this year I am also a member of the Muslim Student Association and the President of Future Physicians Club. This shows I am extremely passionate about what I do at COD and plan to give it all to SLC as a President. Some of the qualifications that will help me become successful as a president are 4 years of customer service experience, relationship with different COD departments, and three years of High School CEO Student Council position where I have learned many skills that I will be using as a President. Truthfully this might sound cliche but I appreciate the relationship you build here at COD from professors to students you can relate and talk to them as a friend. Not only will they be friendly but help you out as much as possible. This is only one of many reasons why I admire and appreciate the College of DuPage.


Student Body Vice President Candidates


Lucy King

My name is Lucy King, I was raised here in Glen Ellyn and I am currently pursuing my Associates in Science and then will transfer and pursue my bachelors degree in Supply Chain Management and Environmental Science. It would be an honor to be Vice President and be in a position to collaborate with College of DuPage students and faculty and our neighboring districts to build a stronger cohesive community that benefits everyone involved. I hope to enhance student opportunities and satisfaction with College of DuPage for everyone within our community.

Here at College of DuPage I am a Student Ambassador and part of the Honors Program which gives me insight to our experiential learning philosophy here. I also have strong relationships with people involved with our Veterans program, Continuing Education program, Nursing program, Athletic Programs, and many of our other diverse programs offered here at College of DuPage. Outside of school, I work as a front desk receptionist, babysit, and volunteer regularly at Ten Thousand Villages. Throughout the past years I have been lucky to be apart of many leadership opportunities. At Glenbard West High School, I was the Ecology Club president and I have also participated in a month long Leadership Training program and another month long Leadership Ethics program led by Dr. Jody Moser.

College of DuPage offers an educational environment where every type of student can thrive regardless of financial situation, age, race, ethnicity, religion, sexuality, educational past, etc. College of DuPage stands out from all other community colleges with our cutting edge facilities, exceptional faculty, wholesome educational philosophy, strong community, and our commitment to remaining relevant on interpersonal, academic, civic, cultural and economic levels. Please feel free to reach out to me at!


Amna Razi

Growth is an essential part of living. Plants grow while being in the same place but us humans grow by changing our places, going out of our comfort zone and doing something completely different with having full faith in ourselves that we'll be successful. This position gives me that perfect opportunity to grow and evolve as a person.

I am the Service officer for Student Leadership Council which gives me a major advantage, because I'm familiar with how SLC operates, what's expected of us, how were things done in the past, what areas we need to improve at and many other similar things. Aside from SLC, I am also a member of Living Leadership Program and I am the Vice president of the club 'Girl Up'. I've established a skill set essential in meeting hard deadlines and guaranteeing that all tasks are done in the most efficient manner. Having these leadership roles will help me immensely with understanding the responsibilities of the Vice president and being able to justify and fulfill those accordingly.

My favorite thing about COD, apart from low-tuition and diverse population is the opportunities there are here to get to know people, socialize, make new friends and spend a wonderful time while getting your education.


Student Trustee Candidates


Jasmine Schuett

Hi, my name is Jasmine Leigh Schuett. I currently live in Warrenville, Illinois. I am studying nursing with the goal of becoming a pediatric oncology nurse. I can be best reached at

I am running for Student Trustee because I want to be even more involved at College of DuPage. This position can give me a lot of experience on how the board functions and how it ties back to the community, staff, and most important, the students. I am also very eager to challenge myself outside Student Leadership Council boundaries. As I just mentioned I am a voter representative for hospitality and communications in Student Leadership Council, or called SLC. I am a part of the Living Leadership Program that does events with SLC from time to time. Also I am the Vice President for Anatomy & Physiology club. This fall not only have I had club involvement but also participated in "Roll up Your Sleeves" in-service day. Being in Student Leadership Council has given me the opportunity to discuss agendas concerning the college, host tabling events and engage with the student body. As well as, participate in workshops created by SLC, able to vote on those discussed agendas, participate in events hosted by other organizations, and learn as much as I can about them. Also since I am a part of the living leadership program I have attended several workshops including strength-based quest that helped me identify my top strengths. Those workshops have given me a large amount of insight and reflection time. When I walk into College of DuPage I appreciate how accessible it is to make it to my classes and all the amazing resources that are offered from financial aid to advising sessions.


Contact Information

Office of Student Life
Student Services Center (SSC), Room 1217, (630) 942-2243