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Disney College Program

Students at the College of DuPage have the opportunity to participate in the Disney College Program, a semester long paid internship at Walt Disney World or Disneyland. Interested students must apply with the Disney College Program and must meet College of DuPage requirements.

 Please check the Disney College Program website for more specific details about the application. Interested Students should contact Career Services for more information.

** Students interested in auditioning for a performer or character role should visit the Disney College Program website for Chicago audition dates.

College of DuPage Requirements - Disney College Program

  1. All Disney College Program (DCP) applicants must be a current College of DuPage student during the semester in which they apply. Students who are registered for a single class must successfully complete that class to remain eligible.
  2. All students must have completed 12 credit hours and maintain a cumulative 2.0 GPA. These credentials must be fulfilled by the conclusion of the semester that precedes the DCP internship.
  3. Students must be in good academic standing with the College of DuPage to participate.
  4. Credits that have been completed at other institutions must be submitted to the Office of Student Records for an official evaluation to be considered toward the 12 credit requirement.
  5. Academic Disney internships (internships that earn College of DuPage academic credit) can be pursued for specific cast member positions. Students who have questions about eligibility should contact the Career Services Center.
  6. All DCP students are expected to complete their full DCP term. Students enrolled in academic credit who fail to complete their program may receive a failing grade for their internship. Any student thinking about leaving the program early should consult the Career Services Center.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I am currently an enrolled student at another institution. Can I apply for the DCP through the College of DuPage?

    No. Only students currently enrolled in the College of DuPage are eligible to apply through the College of DuPage. Students enrolled at other colleges or universities are encouraged to apply through their own university even if there is no officially sponsored program.

  2. I am currently receiving financial aid for my college education. Will I receive this aid while I am a Disney College Program intern?

    The answer to this question depends on a number of factors including the type of aid you have, whether or not you’re enrolled as a College of DuPage student during your internship and many others. Any student with any kind of financial aid assistance is encouraged to contact Student Financial Assistance at (630) 942-2251 to review their individual financial aid package.

  3. Will the classes I take at Walt Disney World count toward college credit?

    Some of the classes taken through the Disney College Program may transfer as elective course credit at the College of DuPage. Students interested in pursuing this option can submit their ACE transcript they receive from Disney to the College of DuPage Records Office who will review the course to determine if credit may be applied. Do note that enrolling in a Disney College Program course does not maintain your student status as a College of DuPage student.

  4. I have completed the Disney College Program one or more times already. Can I apply again?

    As long as you meet the College of DuPage requirements and the Disney College Program requirements you may apply for another Disney College Program experience. Academic credit, however, will not be considered for more than one experience.


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