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Chaparral Career Advantage Workshops

The following Chaparral Career Advantage workshops are free (unless otherwise noted) and open to all students, alumni, and community members. Student registration is available in Chap Life. On-site registration will be available for alumni and community members day of the workshop. Walk-ins are welcome. Not all workshops are offered every semester. Questions can be directed to Career Services at (630) 942-2230.

Career Advantage Workshop Descriptions:

Be Interview Ready

After filling out countless applications, you've finally gotten a call for an interview! Yippee! Wait a minute...I spent all that time on my resume and still have another step? Believe it or not, it's not the resume that gets you the job, it's the interview. Although they may seem intimidating, with the appropriate preparation, interviews can be fun and a great learning experience. A successful interview requires confidence and a clear understanding of how one can fit in with the company. This session will introduce what to expect in an interview, how to prepare, and tips to portray your best professional self during the interview. Please visit the Career Services workshop schedule for dates and times of this session.



Ever applied for a job and all you received was silence??? What happens to my documents after I hit send? Workshop participants will learn essential pieces of the application process and how to build a resume for online job applications. A resume is never perfect nor finished and a major challenge is that there is "no" one standard resume. The end goal is to feel confident with the document you send. Designing, proofreading, and appropriate formatting are all essential components to capture and maintain the attention of hiring managers. This workshop will focus on best practices for resume and cover letter writing. Various types of resumes will be reviewed along with how to highlight essential components. Please visit the Career Services workshop schedule for dates and times of this session.

Career Coach

Career Coach is a database tied specifically to College of DuPage programs. Participants will have the opportunity to explore career options tied to their specific COD degree or certificate. Learn how to browse career summaries which include information such as local wages, employment projections, available jobs, and associated education and training. Have a career in mind but unsure how to get there? This workshop will show you how to search for careers by title and learn which College of DuPage programs will help you get started.


"Career Exploration (SDS)"

Unsure what career to choose or what to pursue academically? Looking to make a career change but don't know where to begin? This workshop may be for you. Attendees interested in this workshop are advised to schedule an appointment with a Career Specialist to learn about workshop preparation.

The Self-Directed Search is based on Holland's Occupation Theory and is a guide to educational and career planning. It is the most widely used career interest inventory in the world. The Self-Directed Search is just a starting point for research and understanding of what career options are out there for participants to further investigate for themselves. It is based on the theory that people can be loosely classified into six different personality types: Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising and Conventional. The SDS assessment will generate a three letter code for each participant that corresponds to the themes above. A guidebook of career suggestions will be given to workshop participants that match occupations to their three letter SDS results.  Please visit the Career Services workshop schedule for dates and times of this session. Space is limited.

Pre-registration is required for this workshop. Interested participants may call (630) 942-2230 or visit Career Services in SSC 3258 to register. Registration closes 1 week prior to the listed workshop date.

The following steps must be completed to successfully register for this session:

  • Register for one of the Group Interpretation Sessions.
  • Visit the Career Services Center to receive a testing permit
  • Take the testing permit to the COD Specialized Testing office in Berg Instructional Center (BIC), Room 2A08. Complete the Self Directed Search at least one week prior to your scheduled workshop. The assessment should take approximately 30 minutes to complete and the cost is $10.
  • Test results and interpretation will be distributed at your scheduled workshop. 


Chaps Get Hired (1/2 hour workshop)

Learn more about the Career Services Center online career link. This workshop will teach students how to navigate and utilize helpful tools including a resume builder and internship database. Need a job? Learn how to search for part-time and full-time job openings through the platform. Please visit the Career Services Center workshop schedule for dates and times of this session.

Disability and My Career

The job search process and maintaining a job while having a disability can be a challenge. This workshop is for individuals with or without a disability seeking guidance for the workforce. Strategies for disability disclosure (if necessary) and information regarding the Self-ID process under changes to section 503 of the Rehab Act will be discussed. How one manages their individual disability is unique to each person. This workshop will not tell participants if, when, or how to disclose but will provide information to help each individual make an informed decision. Please visit the Career Services Workshop schedule for dates and times of this session.


Get LinkedIn

Did you know that over 90% of employers use LinkedIn? Two/thirds of recruiters use it in the hiring process. Are you LinkedIn? This workshop will introduce the professional networking website. Participants will learn how to create a professional LinkedIn profile based on their background, how to connect and network with others professionals, and learn the ways LinkedIn differs from other social media platforms. Being an active LinkedIn user is crucial to success. Participants will learn more than just how to build a profile. Key features such as the job board, discussion groups, and alumni searches will be highlighted. Please visit the Career Services workshop schedule for dates and times of this session.


Internship Search Workshop

Experience is a top factor when considering candidates for a position. Students are encouraged to obtain experience within their field of study to not only "test the waters" but to bring value when applying for a job. Students with an internship are more likely to be hired by an employer than without. Students who need assistance with the internship search process are encouraged to register for and attend this workshop. These sessions are designed to provide students with the tools necessary to find and secure an internship. Please visit the Career Services workshop schedule for dates and times of this session.


Networking Success Workshop

It is not what you know, it is who you know. When applying to jobs or looking for opportunities we always want our skills to impress employers, but how can you get the employer to notice you in a competitive market? In this workshop, gain advice from alumni and professionals regarding how to best get connected and stand out. Learn tips to make a positive first impression and practice your networking to bring you future success. Please visit the Career Services workshop schedule for dates and times of this session.


Resume Review Drop-In

The Career Services Center provides drop-in hours for students, alumni or community members to receive a brief resume review by a professional staff member and to answer any quick questions. Review sessions will be approximately 10 minutes in length and individuals will be seen on a first come, first serve basis. Please visit the Career Services workshop schedule for dates and times of this session.


What Can I Do With My Major?

Are you unsure about your major or what career you could pursue with your major? Do you know what job you should get that supports your career goals? If you can relate to these questions, this workshop is for you. During this session, we will demonstrate methods to explore information about selecting a major and will provide insight into how to prepare for a successful career. Hint: This workshop isn't for those in their last year of school. Undecided, transfer, and degree seeking students are encouraged to attend! "The secret of getting ahead is getting started" so visit Career Services ASAP! Please visit the Career Services workshop schedule for dates and times of this session. 



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