Outlook Tips

Outlook 2003 lets you add names to your Blocked Sender, Safe Sender, and Safe Recipient lists directly from messages in your Inbox. You could do this by right-clicking the message, clicking Junk E-mail, and choosing commands from the shortcut menu shown in the picture. You could remove names, or add them, from the Junk E-mail Options dialog box.

Junk e-mail

Please Note: Depending on how your system is configured, the following informational message may appear when right-clicking on a message. Simply check Please do not show me this dialog again, and click Ok.

Please do not show me this dialog again

If an item is moved to your Junk E-mail folder by mistake, select the message, and then press CTRL+ ALT+J. The following message will appear. Select the check box, Always trust e-mail from "selected address", and messages from that address will always appear in your inbox.

Always trust e-mail from selected address


To create a rule based on the details of a message, right-click the message, and then click Create Rule. Select the conditions and actions you want to apply, and then click OK.

To quickly save an address to Contacts, open the message. In the From field, right-click the name you want to make into a contact. On the shortcut menu, click Add to Contacts. Click Save and Close. Messages from your contacts will never be considered Junk e-mail.


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