The administration team at College of DuPage oversees the institution-wide operations of the College and is essential in ensuring that the College fulfills its mission of excellence in teaching and learning while providing an accessible, affordable and comprehensive education. See below for an alphabetical list of current administrative leaders at COD. Please click on the link to the right for a downloadable PDF administration organization chart.

Barbara Abromitis
Director of Grants
Resource Development

Dr. Emmanuel Awuah
Associate Vice President Academic Affairs

James Benté
Vice President
Planning and Institutional Effectiveness

Donna Berliner
Assistant Vice President
Information Systems and Multimedia Services

Charles Boone
Interim Associate Dean
Fine and Applied Arts

Thomas Brady
Associate Dean/Director
Homeland Security Training Institute

Catherine Brod
Vice President, Development Executive
Director, College of DuPage Foundation

Thomas Cameron
Health and Sciences

Joseph Cassidy
Continuing Education/Extended Learning

Dr. Joseph Collins
Acting Interim President

Dr. Mark Collins
Assistant Dean
Adjunct Faculty Support

Brett Coup

Associate Dean
Instructional Technology

Dr. Charles Currier
Vice President
Information Technology

Earl Dowling
Vice President
Student Affairs

Kristine Fay
Associate Dean
Business and Technology

Marianne Hunnicutt
Associate Dean
Social and Behavioral Sciences

Mia Igyarto
Labor and Employee Relations

Joanne Ivory
Associate Dean/Director
Continuing Education/Business Solutions

Laurie Jorgensen
Marketing and Creative Services

Dr. Jean Kartje
Vice President
Academic Affairs

John Kronenburger
Associate Dean
Computer and Applied Technology

Karen Kuhn
Assistant Vice President Development/
Associate Executive Director Foundation

Daniel Lloyd
Liberal Arts

Jim Ma
Facilities Operations

Sue Martin
Student Development

Sandra Martins
Associate Dean
Humanities and Speech Communication

Diana Martinez
McAninch Arts Center

James Martner
Internal Auditor

Mary Ann Millush
Director, Legislative Relations
Special Assistant to the President

Joseph Moore
Vice President
Marketing and Communications

Joseph Mullin
Chief of Police

Kirk Overstreet
Assistant Dean
Adjunct Faculty Support

Ellen Roberts
Business Affairs

Linda Sands-Vankerk
Vice President
Human Resources

Thomas Schrader
Associate Dean
Mathematics and Physical Sciences

Bruce Schmiedl
Facilities Planning and Development

Jane Smith
Director, Enrollment Services

Karen Solt
Associate Dean
Health and Biological Sciences/Nursing and Health Sciences

Donna Stewart
Business and Technology

Ellen Sutton
Learning Resources

Sheldon Walcher

Associate Dean
English and Academic ESL

Blake Walter

Associate Dean
Learning Resources/Director COD Library

Eugene Ye
Research and Analytics

Paul Zakowski
Associate Dean
Physical Education and Athletic Director