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Karen Reimer: Golden
Aug. 23 to Sept. 22, 2012

Artist reception:
Thursday, Aug. 30, 6 to 8 pm

Mathematician and philosopher Adolf Zeising wrote in 1854 of the golden mean, also known as the divine proportion, as a universal law "in which is contained the ground-principle of all formative striving for beauty and completeness in the realms of both nature and art, and which permeates, as a paramount spiritual ideal, all structures, forms and proportions, whether cosmic or individual, organic or inorganic, acoustic or optical.” Karen Reimer’s installation will materialize the golden mean in the Gahlberg Gallery’s long, narrow space, dividing and subdividing it as closely as possible to the golden ratio of 1:1.618033...Theoretically this division could go on to infinity, but the obdurate physical materials used eventually prevent continued progression. The wooden 2x4s used to delineate the divisions eventually become larger than the remaining space to be divided, making it doubly impossible to find the divine spot, unavailable now both theoretically (one can never reach the end of infinity) and practically. At the point when she is forced to stop, Reimer will gold leaf the general area, covering her bases and literalizing the goldenness of the golden mean.

Abstract artwork

Karen Reimer, Study for Golden installation, 2012.

Jason Karolak and Leah Patgorski
May 31 to Aug. 4, 2012

Catalogue cover

Jason Karolak's paintings depict singular abstract structures sitting in space. Using a painter's fundamental language of color, mark and geometry, these works become records of the activity of constructing and arriving at a built form. Leah Patgorski assembles forms that reside somewhere between architecture and sculpture. Conjured out of loose sketches and improvised sewing patterns, the resulting structures communicate between the viewer and the overall physical environment. Eschewing a purely visual experience, both artists are interested in what is suggested by and contained within these volumetric forms, including notions of sound, psychology and the body.

Annual Juried Student Exhibit
April 12 to May 12, 2012

A juried display of art works by College of DuPage art students.

Dana Carter: Letter to the Night
March 1 to April 7, 2012  

Catalogue cover

For Dana Carter’s installation, Letter to the Night, the artist begins with a sculpture based on a skylight found in the Arts Center where the gallery is located. As if filled in or bricked up, color emanates from behind the piece and calls on the viewer to consider what lies beyond the frame of an idyllic landscape. This form is echoed throughout the space, counting time in shifting phases of light and shadow. Video, soundscape and drawings create a constellation of vantage points within the room. In these works, Carter steps into her practice; an ongoing exploration of the velocity of loss, the poetics of vision, word play and the slowness of the natural world. At the intersection of process, architecture and admiration for the cosmos, Carter considers the line between the rituals of observation and material experimentation in the studio. Working across disciplines to blur her interest in light, landscape and language, the work raises questions of movement and communication across a vast distance and reveals that the atmosphere is a faulty lens.

Shadow Velocities, the publication for the show, was written by and developed in collaboration with Karsten Lund, a writer and curator based in Chicago. 

Kelly Kaczynski: Study for Convergence Performance (ice)
Jan.19 to Feb. 25, 2012

Catalogue cover

Study for Convergence Performance (ice) is the second work in a series that seeks to conflate the artist's studio as a performative site of production, the space of display as the reception of image, and landscape as site for epic but apathetic metaphor. It uses the devices of the theatrical stage and the green screen; both of which operate as a "non-space" that allows the conflation of multiple contexts or sites. She uses imagery from landscapes that shift in time, such as bodies of water including glacier fields. The title of the piece refers to Robert Smithson's idea of "the range of convergence between site and non-site" whereas the land from the originating site is placed in the container of the non-site. In Study for Convergence Performance, the site of origin and the sign of site converge as they transpose in a collapse of time.





Studio Art Faculty Exhibit
Dec. 1, 2011 to Jan. 7, 2012

An exhibition of new work by College of DuPage adjunct studio art faculty.

Joseph Jachna
Oct .13 to Nov. 26, 2011

Catalogue cover

Chicago photographer Joseph Jachna has been photographing the environment in his backyard, the North Woods, the Desert West, Canada and Iceland. This mini-retrospective will feature Jachna's photographs spanning 50 years. The natural environment dominates Jachna's projects, but it all centers on being human. Early in his career, Jachna found that he did not record things or places; he made poetic translations. One reviewer called him "a master of the inner landscape." His recent photographs, made along Hudson Bay in the area around Churchill, Manitoba, attempt to synthesize earlier spiritual explorations and are being realized in a "lightroom" instead of the darkroom, where he made his last silver prints in 2007.

Volker Saul
Aug. 25 to Oct. 8, 2011

Catalogue cover

Central to Volker Saul's work is his interest in the ambivalence and readability of "signs" as a starting point and the object of reflection in his sculptures, cut outs and large-scale wall paintings and installations. Saul's location-based works, such as murals, are developed as three-dimensional installations in which drawing becomes sculpture in space. Saul's abstract language, which prompts the viewer to make multifaceted concrete associations, signifies flowing, organic elements and references to popular comic strips, the advertising world of logos and medieval iconography. This peculiar form of repertoire with all its reflections to external reality and human perception appears to bring to the fore the core of a complex inner world of expression.

Warhol: Photographs
June 2 to Aug. 6, 2011

Catalogue cover

This exhibition features a large selection from the College of DuPage collection of more than 150 original Polaroid and black and white photographs, awarded through The Andy Warhol Foundation's Photographic Legacy Program. The exhibit includes iconic portraits of Caroline, Princess of Monaco, Willie Shoemaker, Rod Gilbert, Francesco Clemente, Ryan O’Neal, Keith Haring, Bianca Jagger and Calvin Klein, Santa Claus, Fiesta Pig and more.

Annual Juried Student Exhibit
April 14 to May 15, 2011

A juried exhibition of paintings, drawings, sculpture, photography, ceramics, jewelry and more by College of DuPage art students.

Marie Torbensdatter Hermann and Anders Ruhwald
March 3 to April 9, 2011

Catalogue cover

Marie Torbensdatter Hermann is interested in the objects that we surround ourselves with in our everyday lives, their placements and our relationship with them. Her ceramic works reference these objects; however, their function is often denied. Anders Ruhwald has been creating ceramic objects shaped in forms long associated with household objects (i.e. lamp, vase, mirror) but are not intended to be used as such. Ruhwald attempts to liberate these forms from their subordinating role as utilitarian objects and allow them to quietly but mischievously interact with the viewer. Hermann’s and Ruhwald’s investigations shed a new light on the nominative role certain objects play in the navigation of our daily lives. To this end, both artists set up individual sculptures as stage props or even characters waiting for an audience.

Pamela Fraser: Character Development
Jan. 20 to Feb. 26, 2011

Catalogue cover

Best known for her sparse use of bright colors in otherwise empty black or white backgrounds, Chicago artist Pamela Fraser takes color as her main subject and plays with the logic of established color systems. Fraser’s newest work continues a long-standing investigation inspired by her research in comparative color theory (from philosophy to perception to design to everyday use). With her resistance to the authority of any single convention, style, or visual code, Fraser examines the various ways that color operates and is operated on. Her approach explores the indefinable quality of color when it becomes detached from its meanings and inherited logic.

Studio Art Faculty Exhibit
Dec. 9, 2010 to Jan. 15, 2011

An exhibition of new work by College of DuPage full-time studio art faculty who teach painting, sculpture, drawing, printmaking, photography, jewelry and more.


Peter Power
Oct. 21 to Dec. 4, 2010

Catalogue cover

Peter Power’s work juxtaposes two-dimensional images with three-dimensional sculptural elements, which in unison generally fail to complete a narrative or solidify a position. Almost in opposition to their clean surfaces and implied utility, these combinations can seem incomplete, possessing a whiff of failure and doubt.

Deborah Stratman: Tactical Uses of a Belief in the Unseen
Aug. 26 to Oct. 16, 2010

Catalogue cover

This installation draws upon the ecological effects of vibration and the history of sonic warfare. At root is an interest in the way sound both makes and disturbs place. Its very nothingness seduces us. Historically, sound has been an ideal medium for the performance of psychological warfare because of how efficiently it evokes events and locations. Whether declarative, as with anthems or artillery, or deceptive, as with sonic decoys or surveillance, the audiosphere is well disposed to militarization.

Inside the gallery, aural encounters occur in two strains: one territorial, where sound travels through the ground walked upon, as much felt as heard, the other aerial, as a sonic beam that occasionally sweeps the visitor unannounced like a wandering ghost.

Read an article about the artist.

Deborah Boardman
June 3 to Aug. 7, 2010

Catalogue cover

Deborah Boardman's work builds on small, intimate moments of hand-recorded daily observations. Documenting both environment and history in a painterly amalgam of representation and abstraction, her installations encompass painting, animation, performance and sculpture. In this exhibition, Boardman probes the specific energy and history of the gallery space and includes collaborative community input

Annual Juried Student Exhibit
April 15 to May 15, 2010

Postcard front

A juried display of paintings, drawings, sculpture, photography, ceramics, jewelry and more by College of DuPage art students.

March 4 to April 10, 2010

Catalogue cover

Today’s technology, media, art and design have paved the way for artists to experiment with and explore the boundaries of letterforms and symbols. This group show blurs the distinction between artist, typographer and graphic designer with works that allow typography a much broader job description.

Andreas Fischer: Ghost Town
Jan. 21 to Feb. 27, 2010, Gahlberg Gallery

Andreas Fischer: Ghost Town
Jan. 17 to April 18, 2010, Hyde Park Arts Center, Chicago

Catalogue cover

Andreas Fischer's current project Ghost Town consists of two bodies of work: a group of ghostly portraits and an assortment of imagined landscapes that all evoke the province of the 19th-century American West. The landscapes are all titled Original Location, divorcing the pictures from specific historical events and instead depicting nature reclaimed. As complements to the portraits, Fischer’s landscapes furnish settings for the figures and their bygone grandiose visions for the American West. Similarly, the portraits reference human histories forgotten. Instead of naming the sitters in these paintings, Fischer underscores the distance between their images and their long-forgotten narratives by giving the paintings all the same title, Sunday Best. Because the subjects are rendered anonymous, Fischer’s variety of paint application and somber palette provide substance to these poignant and mottled figures.

This exhibition is at two different locations and accompanied by an exhibition catalog. A series of the portraits will be on exhibit at the Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago, and the landscapes paintings along with a few portraits will be exhibited at the Gahlberg Gallery at College of DuPage.

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Studio Art Faculty Exhibit
Dec. 3, 2009 to Jan. 16, 2010

An exhibition of new works by College of DuPage part-time studio art faculty teaching in painting, sculpture, drawing, printmaking, photography and more.

On Paper: Felix Malnig, Robyn O’Neil, Melissa Oresky, Claire Sherman
Thursday, Oct. 15 to Saturday, Nov. 28, 2009

Catalogue cover

On Paper does away with the assumption that art made on or of paper merely occupies a complementary role to painting and sculpture. For decades, artists have challenged the notion of basic drawing by utilizing multiple techniques, media and concepts to create work on paper. On Paper showcases an array of thoughtful and provocative artists investigating fantasy, nature and the everyday.

Buzz Spector: Cards and Letters (Postcard works 1973 to 2009)
Sept. 3 to Oct. 10, 2009 (Artist reception: Sept. 10)

Catalogue cover

Buzz Spector is well-known for the book objects, installations and photographs he has exhibited nationally and internationally for almost 30 years – but books are not the only reading material he employs. Spector has made collages incorporating found postcards since the early 1970s, including the series History Lessons, in which the artist appropriates motifs from the Dutch avant-garde De Stijl movement, and Lovers/Flowers, using erotic photographic postcards from the 1920s combined with postcard images of flowers. The Gahlberg Gallery will show a selection of Spector's work with postcards, mainly drawn from the artist's own collection.

Dianna Frid: The Forces That Shape Them
Thursday, June 4 to Saturday, Aug. 8, 2009

Catalogue cover

Dianna Frid creates works that stem from existing images, diagrams and places. These existing things are submitted to vivid material and formal shifts that allow for new empirical experiences of the familiar. For her project at the gallery, Frid will create works that acknowledge the existing glass panes that separate the gallery from the lobby by making the space a penetrable vitrine that positions itself within a larger atrium.

Annual Juried Student Art Exhibit
Thursday, April 16 to Saturday, May 16, 2009

A juried display of paintings, drawings, sculpture, photography, ceramics, jewelry and more by College of DuPage art students.

Mark Booth
The stinging tentacles of anxiety that constrict the heart are dissolved by the healing light of an inner sun
Thursday, March 12 to Saturday, April 11, 2009

Catalogue cover

Mark Booth is a Chicago-based interdisciplinary artist whose work is rooted in an exploration of language, auditory phenomena and thought. Booth exhibited a number of language-based works in text, audio, video and drawing that explore the themes of slowness, duration and the quotidian.

Richard Rezac: Selected Sculpture and Drawings, 2003-2008
Thursday, Jan. 22 to Saturday, Feb. 28, 2009                                               

Catalogue cover

Chicago artist Richard Rezac makes sculptural work that is deliberative in its process. Originating in drawing and incorporating a geometric language, these objects, while abstract in appearance, reside within human-scale and often insinuate a known source. This exhibition includes a selection of sculpture and preparatory drawings from the past five years.

News Release

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Studio Art Faculty Exhibit
Thursday, Dec. 4, 2008 to Saturday, Jan. 10, 2009

Catalogue cover

An exhibition of new work by College of DuPage studio art faculty teaching in painting, sculpture, drawing, design, printmaking, photography, jewelry and more.

Jeff Carter: Catalog
Thursday, Oct. 16 to Saturday, Nov. 22, 2008

Catalogue cover

Chicago artist Jeff Carter’s ongoing sculptural investigations of travel and landscape have recently led him to wonder how a trip to IKEA relates to tourism. The exhibition Catalog is informed by the IKEA catalog itself, and consists of several components made from abstractly reconfigured shelves, tables, bookcases and flooring. The resulting forms retain a sense of utility, yet incorporate elements of landscape, movement, and the Internet, suggesting that the global design of IKEA is also an aesthetic of “placelessness.”

Trevor Gainer
Thursday, Aug. 28 to Saturday, Oct. 4, 2008

Catalogue cover

Through task-oriented sculptural procedures, Trevor Gainer investigates objects and their conditions of occurrence. The narrative behind the invention conjured into form; anxiety and desire as receipts.

Alastair Noble
Thursday, June 5 to Saturday, Aug. 9, 2008

Catalogue cover

Alastair Noble’s artistic practice focuses on sculpture, public art and interior installations. Poetry has informed his work over the years, and recently the text itself has emerged as a major structural element of his sculptural forms.

Annual Juried Student Art Exhibit
Thursday, April 24 to Saturday, May 24, 2008

Catalogue cover

A juried display of paintings, drawings, sculpture, photography, ceramics, jewelry and more by College of DuPage art students.

The Work of Michael Piazza
Thursday, March 6 to Saturday, April 19, 2008

Catalogue cover

Organized by Brian Dortmund, Jim Duignan and Bertha Husband

Michael Piazza’s investigative and frequent public work has focused on making explicit the divergent experiences of histories contained in a site. Piazza was a Chicago-based visual artist and writer who taught art, culture and education at the School of the Art Institute, Columbia College Chicago, and DePaul University. He co-founded Axe Street Arena Artists Collective and co-edited New World [Dis]Orders & Peripheral Strains with Marc Zimmerman and Disparities and Connections with Elizam Escobar. His writing has appeared in the New Art Examiner, The Somnambulist and Whitewalls. Michael spent years working alongside adults with developmental disabilities and has collaborated with resident youth at the Cook Country Temporary Detention Center in Chicago as an artist in residence.

View Artwork Sample
Review in Newcity Chicago

Celebrity and The Peculiar — Industry of the Ordinary
Thursday, Jan. 24 to Saturday, March 1, 2008

Catalogue cover

Industry of the Ordinary is a collective made up of Chicago artists Adam Brooks and Mathew Wilson. Through photography, sculpture, text, olfactory vehicles and other means, Industry of the Ordinary is planning a site-specific multi-media event that will examine the occurrence of celebrity in "ordinary" peoples' lives.

View Artwork Sample
Download the Celebrity catalog
Industry of the Ordinary website

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Thursday, Nov. 29, 2007 to Saturday, Jan. 5, 2008

Ohio catalog cover

Ohio, the state, has a turbulent history relating to American politics and tragedy. In that regard it is a colorful representative of this nation. The artists in the exhibition don’t illustrate the narrative history of Ohio. Their work is rooted in the multifaceted politic of a nation as it evolves into the 21st century. Artists include: Sam Durant, Rodney McMillan, Andrea Bowers, David Hullfish Bailey and Olga Koumoundouros. Curated by Brad Killam.

Download the Ohio catalog

Stephanie Brooks
Thursday, Oct. 11 to Saturday, Nov. 17, 2007

Catalogue cover

Chicago artist Stephanie Brooks is concerned with creating tensions between systems of authority and subjectivity. From fill-in-the-blank forms, graphs, public signage, poetry, measurement systems and minimalism, the work inserts subjectivity into impersonal forms and injects minimalism with emotion. Brooks is interested in asking why and how we mark moments as sentimental, when it is personal, when it is generic and how we create meaning between these locations.

View Artwork Sample
Download the Stephanie Brooks catalog

Studio Art Faculty Exhibit
Thursday, Aug. 30 to Saturday, Oct. 6, 2007

An exhibition of new work by College of DuPage studio art adjunct faculty teaching in painting, sculpture, drawing, design, printmaking, photography, jewelry and more.

Susan Giles
June 7 to Aug. 4, 2007

Catalogue cover

Chicago artist Susan Giles addresses travel and tourism in a sculpture and video installation. Giles' artwork stems from researching the intersection of tourism and culture and her desire to understand what occurs at the root of common linguistic and tourist encounters. Giles examines the shaping of self and others abroad and at home.

Download the Susan Giles catalog

View Artwork Sample

Phill Niblock
April 19 to May 26, 2007

Catalogue cover

New York filmmaker and minimalist sound composer, Phill Niblock makes thick, loud drones of music, filled with microtones of instrumental timbres that generate many other tones in the performance space. Simultaneously, he presents films/videos that look at the movement of people or computer driven black and white abstract images floating in time.

Download the Phill Niblock catalog

Annual Juried Student Art Exhibition
March 8 to April 14, 2007

A juried display of paintings, drawings, sculpture, photography, ceramics, jewelry and more by College of DuPage art students

On Death and Dying: Photographs from the Collection of the Museum of Contemporary Photography, Columbia College Chicago
Jan. 25 to March 3, 2007

Catalogue cover

This exhibition included photographs from both living and nonliving artists: Harold Allen, Sophie Calle, Catherine Chalmers, Jason Lazarus, Barbara McDonnell, Vik Muniz, Esther Parada, Irving Penn, Gilles Peress, Michal Rovner, Mark Ruwedel, Alec Soth, Dennis Stock, Stephen Tourlentes, and Brian Ulrich.

Download the On Death and Dying catalog

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Studio Art Faculty Exhibition
Nov. 30 to Dec. 30, 2006

Chuck Boone, Fred Bruney, Jeff Curto, Glenn Hansen, Jennifer Hereth, Kathleen Kamal, Brad Killam, Marina Kuchinski, David Leary, Terry Vitacco

Amy Park and Philip Vanderhyden: Paintings
Oct. 12 to Nov. 18, 2006

Catalogue cover

Chicago painters, Amy Park and Philip Vanderhyden follow an architectural theme in the form of painting. Amy Park explores ideas of innovation and isolation in her large-scale watercolor paintings of modern architecture. Philip Vanderhyden paints vertical abstract oil paintings that appear as layers of varied skins that recall architectural materials and industrial surfaces.

Download the Park and Vanderhyden catalog

Elana Herzog: Wallscape
Aug. 31 to Oct. 7, 2006

Catalogue cover

New York artist, Elana Herzog attaches utilitarian textiles to the wall using thousands of staples that are applied following the pattern of their weave. Parts of the fabric and the staples are then removed, leaving a residue of shredded fabric and perforated wall surfaces. For the Gahlberg Gallery, Herzog created an archipelago of architectural forms within the gallery and lobby.

Download the Elana Herzog catalog

Kevin Hamilton: Department of Rhythmanalysis: College of DuPage
June 1 to Aug. 5, 2006

Catalogue cover

The Department of Rhythmanalysis implemented a site-specific state-of-the-art system for the control and surveillance of remote and local rhythms, through an array of indicators, sensors, buttons and switches. Coincident events were indicated through a series of analog visual indicators. Through this and other efforts, the Department explored the potential of examining irregular temporal events as rhythmic, and thus capable of change.

Download the Kevin Hamilton Catalog

Parameters of Preciousness
Organized by Kathleen Kamal
May 18 to 27, 2006

Does something have to be rare or costly to be precious? When something is beloved or dear, isn't it also precious? No other art form deals with preciousness like art jewelry. From materials to final product, it affects how the art looks, feels and sells. What happens when artists who traditionally negotiate "preciousness" challenge its essence? This show was the result of that exploration.

Juried Student Art Exhibit
April 6 to May 13, 2006

College of DuPage art students are showcased in a juried display of paintings, drawings, sculpture, photography, ceramics, jewelry and more.

The Mystical Arts of Tibet Mandala Sand Painting: The Architecture of Enlightenment
March 29 to April 2, 2006


Magnificent tantric Buddhist mandala sand paintings were painstakingly poured grain by grain to generate energies for global healing. Monks of Drepung Loseling Monastery created the mandala over five days. The Mystical Arts of Tibet is a Richard Gere & Drepung Loseling Production.

See a time-lapse video of the Monks creating a Mandala Sand Painting

Over your head and too deep?
Try juxtaposition semiotics!
Jan. 19 to March 18, 2006

SIMPARCH and Paul Cekan presented an overview of recent discoveries of ancient icon codes that relate meaning across the ages, the cultures, and the minds of alien thinkers. Like matching up pieces in picture puzzles, tricks relating counterparts of conceptual patterns were shown in this exhibit.

Paul R. Cekan, M.D. (b. March 21, 1933)
Since age 5 Dr. Cekan has been interested in why people misread meaning and refuse to be corrected. At age 17 he went to a combined program at Northwestern University and Medical School to study and practice in psycho-communication error. He pursued this in graduate training at the University of Chicago. Tibetan symbols and motifs are parallel to what he has seen in his own career.

SIMPARCH is an artist collaborative group organized and maintained by Matt Lynch and Steven Badgett. The ethos of SIMPARCH has been to create an armature for social interaction through experimentation with materials and design.

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Studio Art Faculty Exhibition
Nov. 17, 2005 to Jan. 7, 2006

New work by College of DuPage part-time studio art faculty showcasing a variety of art mediums and contemporary ideas by professional artists.

Things are Better: Jim Torok
Oct. 13 to Nov. 12, 2005

Catalogue cover

An exhibition featuring Jim Torok's paintings about living, identifying oneself as an artist, and existing within our current political climate. Painted on paper in the 'broad brush' style similar to that found in the humor section of greeting card displays, these works evoke a similar sentiment by operating through the same simultaneous relief and incitement of amusing despair.

Download the Jim Torok Catalog

Spin/Spun: Danielle Gustafson-Sundell and Melissa Pokorny
Aug. 29 to Oct. 8, 2005

Catalogue cover

Danielle Gustafson-Sundell's new sculptures work like short stories, poems or song lyrics and are made from familiar objects and structures found in the home and yard - houseplants, rugs and windchimes. Her work was located around the desk area and the surrounding space of the gallery - places where art gallery information happens but where art is rarely found. A curiously blank yet loaded place of exchange.

Melissa Pokorny's clusters of sculptural objects focused on domestic and liminal space - thresholds, boundaries and things that delineate edges and containment. Pokorny used familiar but tweaked markers of interior décor, architecture, backyard nature, outdoor dog and bird figurines and other faux materials as a locus for the eruption of the grotesque that becomes this collision of the familiar and strange.

Download the Spin/Spun Catalog

Other Information
Danielle Gustafson-Sundell's web site
Melissa Pokorny's web site

Richard Holland: Pressure Change
July 7 to Aug. 13, 2005

Catalogue cover

Richard Holland’s installation Pressure Change filled the gallery with the sensory effects of an unexpected storm. The multifaceted work utilized sound, light and space to synthesize an epic environmental experience.

Download the Richard Holland catalog

Matthew Girson, Scott Short, Scott Stack
May 19 to June 23, 2005

Catalogue cover

Three contemporary Chicago painters with very different agendas came together for this exhibition. Matthew Girson works in traditional painting genres to explore boundaries of knowledge and perception. His recent cloudscape paintings include visual blockages that complete and obscure the images. These blockages, or scotomas, can be seen as blind spots that limit what we see or openings in the field of vision that allow for greater (in)sight. He is not certain if his vision is failing or if his failing is vision. Scott Stack paints popular culture as a blur. His paintings imply a deep space but are about painting a screen or an effect. He is interested in both the recognizable quality of (popular media) and the possibility that an image can only exist as a painting. Scott Short takes the simple process of Xeroxing sheets of color into a complex, obsessively detailed eloquent painting. The copy becomes the original with the machine assuming more of the traditionally creative role, producing an abstraction. No longer the laborsaving device, it becomes the model whose faithful transcription requires tedious labor.

Download the Girson, Short, Stack catalog

Annual Student Exhibition
April 7 to May 7, 2005

A juried display of paintings, drawings, sculptures, prints, ceramics, jewelry, photography and more by College of DuPage art students.

Shona Macdonald: Inscape
Feb. 17 to April 2, 2005

Catalogue cover

Shona Macdonald created internalized “inscapes” based on her experiences of travel and living “between” cultures. Imagery is fragmented, then seamed back together in this group of drawings and paintings. Visual referents are sought from maps, aerial photography, magical realist fiction, fractals from nature, and photo documentation of specific locals.

Shona Macdonald Gallery Catalog

Studio Art Faculty Exhibition
Jan. 6 to Feb. 12, 2005

Chuck Boone, Fred Bruney, Jeff Curto, Glenn Hansen, Jennifer Hereth, Kathleen Kamal, Marina Kuchinski, Teresa Parker, Terry Vitacco

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The Interpretation of Seams: Works by Cat Chow
Nov. 4 to Dec. 23, 2004

Catalogue cover

Artist/designer Cat Chow creates wearable art pieces constructed from non-traditional materials, such as a continuous zipper, bobbins, tape measures, Band-Aids, Astroturf, dollar bills and more.

Download the Cat Chow Catalog

The Cat Chow web site
Interview on WBEZ with Cat Chow

A curated project by Dan Devening
Sept. 14 to Oct. 23, 2004

Catalogue cover

Originally formulated as an editioned portable group project funded by the Center for Interdisciplinary Research in the Arts at Northwestern University, Infra-Thin evolved into a series of installations inspired by Marcel Duchamp’s theory of interstitial structures.

Artists include: John Arndt, Dan Devening, Jim Lutes, Mark Booth, Susan Giles, Zach Formwalt, Lou Mallozzi, M.W. Burns, Eli Robb, Matthew Rich, Nathaniel Robinson, Robert Meijer, Carrie Lambert, Janice Clark, Tiny Hairs.

Download the Infra-Thin Catalog

Books and Shelves
June 24 to Aug. 21, 2004

Catalogue cover

Do you organize your bookshelves by subject, size or color? Are your shelves from IKEA or homemade with cinderblocks or crates? Books and Shelves featured work by 15 artists in mediums of photography, sculpture, painting, drawing, embroidery and more.

Artists include: Mark Arctander, Stephanie Brooks, Gary Cannone, Bill Davenport, Anthony Elms, Nicholas Frank, Michelle Grabner and Brad Killam, Rashid Johnson, Deva Maitland and Robyn O'Neil, Michael Piazza, Karen Reimer, Joe Scanlan, Buzz Spector.

Download the Books and Shelves Catalog

Interior/Exterior: Steve Harp & Jordan A. Schulman
May 13 to June 19, 2004

Catalogue cover

Steve Harp’s black and white photographs of Iceland landscapes explore the theme of liminality - the position and process of being in between. Jordan A. Schulman’s color photographs of psychotherapist office interiors are familiar visual representations that allude to the possibilities of emotional experiences.

Download the Interior/Exterior catalog

Annual Student Show
April 1 to May 8, 2004

A juried display of paintings, drawings, sculpture, prints, ceramics, jewelry and more by College of DuPage art students.

Amanuensis (I Hear a Symphony)
An Installation by Stephen Lapthisophon
Feb. 12 to March 20, 2004

Catalogue cover

The subject of Amanuensis was the artistic gesture itself, its claims for authenticity, and the struggle for authentic experience. The exhibition is intended to ask questions regarding presence, gesture, identity, the act of signing and the interpretation of the act of creation.

Download the Amanuensis catalog

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Bakker, Benjamin and Kerr
Nov. 13 to Dec. 27, 2003

Catalogue cover

Conrad Bakker, Keith Benjamin and Chris Kerr exhibited objects, paintings and photographs that reference consumerism, contemporary culture, and nature.

Download the Bakker, Benjamin, Kerr Catalog

October Leaves Falling: An Interactive Project by Alison Knowles
Oct. 2 to Nov. 8, 2003

Catalogue cover

An exhibition of found and sound objects by Alison Knowles and workshop participants including the performance installation "Secrets of Ordinary Things" and other works by Knowles.

Download the Alison Knowles Catalog

Skywatching/Carrie Gundersdorf
July 31 to Sept. 13, 2003

Catalogue cover

Paintings influenced by design themes from early 20th century modernism, '60s color field painting, computer enhanced astronomy photographs, science textbook images and comic book drawings.

Download the skywatching catalog

The Instant and Infinite: Images of Iberia and Italy
June 19 - July 26, 2003

Paintings and photographs by Brian Blevins and Jeff Curto depicting the everyday and the ancient of Italy, Portugal and Spain.

Annual Juried Student Art Exhibition
May 29 to June 14, 2003

A juried display of paintings, drawings, sculpture, prints, ceramics, jewelry and more by College of DuPage art students.

April 3 to May 22, 2003

Catalogue cover

Refiguring the figure - an exhibition featuring contemporary figurative paintings and drawings by Conor McGrady (NY), Anja Schrey (Dusseldorf), Kehinde Wiley (NY), Su-en Wong (NY).

Download the Re:Figure Gallery Catalog

Time and Space
Video projections by Scott Wolniak
Feb. 20 to March 22, 2003

Poster/brochure cover

Scott Wolniak presented three video projections depicting specific spaces and the activity that characterizes those places. The movements in each video appear to be contained by their environment, trapped in repetitive cycles that test the limits of rhythm and ergonomics.

Download the Wolniak large-format poster/brochure

Full-time Studio Art Faculty Exhibition
Jan. 9 to Feb. 15, 2003

An exhibition of works by studio ar faculty members: Chuck Boone, Fed Bruney, Jeff Curto, Glenn Hansen, Jennifer Hereth, Kathleen Kamal, Marina Kuchinski, David Leary, Richard Lund, Deborah Postlewait and Terry Vitacco.

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On A Clear Day
Nov. 6 to Dec. 31, 2002

Catalogue cover

Drawings and prints by Suzanne Caporael (NY), sculpture by Anne Chu (NY), photographs by Christina Hejtmanek (NY), and paintings by Chris Patch (Chicago). On A Clear Day is an exhibition of unconventional land and skyscapes.

Download the On a Clear Day catalog

Some Things I Know
Photographs by Laura Letinsky
Sept. 26 to Nov. 2, 2002

Catalogue cover

A solo show by Laura Letinsky featured photographs from her Morning and Melancholia series, photographs of still-life's influenced by Dutch-Flemish and Italian paintings and photographs from her Venus Inferred series, a visual language of love.

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Annual Juried Student Art Exhibition
May 20 to June 13, 2002

A Sound Installation by M.W. Burns
April 4 to May 13, 2002

An Arts Center commissioned site-specific sound installation by Chicago artist and 2000 Whitney Biennial participant, M.W. Burns. His work employs sound to conceptually activate space and probe the psychological and physical territories of the utterance.

The History of the Family Photograph: Photographs and Memory Connecting the American Past and Present.
Feb. 21 to March 28, 2002

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This exhibition was organized and sponsored by the National Endowment for the Humanities and the Community College Humanities Association (CCHA). It was a national project involving 30 community colleges across the country. This photography exhibit brought the DuPage County community together to examine its history through family photographs, lectures, and panel discussions.

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The Devil is in the Details
Curated by Anthony Elms
Jan. 10 to Feb. 16, 2002

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All art works in the show delt with, or somehow only existed because of details. A subtext to the exhibition would be just what we view as being a 'detail' and how this affects the big picture. What is our definition of the small, or the unimportant, and how these add up to create an item which is more than the sum of its parts. -Anthony Elms, Curator.

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Part-time Studio Art Faculty Exhibition
Nov. 10 to Dec. 27, 2001

A multi-media exhibition of works by College of DuPage part-time studio art faculty.

Unnatural Selection: New Work by Charlie Cho
Sept. 27 to Nov. 3, 2001

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Charlie Cho's Unnatural Selection was an exhibition that commented on the synthetic and mutated world that man and science has created. The show consisted of two-dimensional and three-dimensional work.

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