Associates Degree in Engineering Science

The Associate in Engineering Science (AES) degree is designed to be equivalent to the first two years of a baccalaureate degree in engineering. Baccalaureate degree programs in engineering are highly structured and require emphasis on mathematics, science, and engineering coursework during these years. General education courses (English, humanities, and social sciences) are typically spread out over the entire Baccalaureate degree in engineering. Thus, the AES degree does not require students to fulfill all of the general education courses in the first two years.

The AES degree was designed to be flexible enough to accommodate students who want to pursue any engineering major. Use the guides under the transfer information section for coursework selection for an individual major and university program.



Contact Information

Scott Banjavcic, Ph.D., P.E.
Associate Professor
Berg Instructional Center (BIC), Room 3436H
(630) 942-2432

Alyssa J. Pasquale, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Berg Instructional Center (BIC), Room 3E01
(630) 942-3902

David S. Smith, Ph.D.
Berg Instructional Center (BIC), Room 3E10B
(630) 942-2418


Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Division
Berg Instructional Center (BIC), Room 2E06, (630) 942-3210


  • Spotlight: Ryan VanDusen

    Ryan VanDusenEngineering

    “The academic experience at COD is tough, but I enjoyed it. My teachers, and especially the engineering program, were very good. We get to design, test and manufacture the product from start to finish, which allows our engineers to learn the all the process is product development. This takes time up front but after a while, the knowledge we gain allows us to design new concepts for manufacturability, which gets us to market faster. I’m leaning more and more every day.”

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  • Spotlight: Prerak Sanghvi

    Prerak SanghviEngineering

    “College of DuPage taught me what to expect in the U.S. It was hard living here at first because everything was new. My professors were so friendly and good, especially Michael Stack and Caroline Soo in math. And I made so many new friends. I fell in love with College of DuPage. It’s a college of dreams and a stepping stone to a better future."

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  • Spotlight: Stephany Ruiz-Gonzalez

    Stephany Ruiz-GonzalezEngineering

    “Since my education is most important to me, the education at COD is rigorous and enriching, which gave me the edge I needed in my field. The amount of support I found from the faculty and staff was enormous. In every department, from admissions to student life, I saw the willingness of the staff members to help students succeed.”

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  • Spotlight: Aaron Carstens

    Aaron CarstensEngineering

    “The program challenged me in my coursework and helped me develop a quality work ethic and study habits which will be key skills in my future. Also, Professor Scott Banjavcic gave me advice and shared insight from his time working as a professional engineer, which continues to help. The facilities at COD are also great and make learning easier.”

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  • Spotlight: Frank Giuliani

    Frank GiulianiEngineering

    “At COD, I paced myself appropriately, and I valued the quality of education over the speed at which I completed my coursework. I am grateful to professors like Dr. Richard Jarman, who showed real interest in the success of their students. Dr. Jarman understands the human element in education and uses his vast talents to see that his students reach their potential.”

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