Interior Design

Interior Design at College of DuPage offers students a variety of learning opportunities that match current industry trends and standards. Taught by professionals in our new learning labs, our programs allow students to explore career interests, strengthen marketable skills and build a portfolio of work:

  • Sustainable/Green Interior Design 
  • Kitchen and Bath Design (NKBA accredited program) 
  • Advanced Computer-Aided Drafting 
  • Advanced Lighting Design 
  • Universal/Barrier-Free Interior Design

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Gainful Employment Information
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Contact Information

Lisa Horvatin, Program Advisor
(630) 942-2078

Anna Gay, Program Support Specialist
(630) 942-2502

Jane Kielb, Coordinator Interior Design
(630) 942-2508

Business and Technology Division
Technical Education Center (TEC), Room 1034, (630) 942-2592


  • Mariella Sanchez

    Mariella SanchezInterior Design

    “My intent was to complete a two-year program and transfer to Harrington College of Design to complete my bachelor’s. I reached out to Harrington and asked their opinion as to which was the better program. Without hesitation they recommended COD, and I never looked back. It is a very technical program that still offers hand drafting and kitchen and bath design,. Additionally, the program coordinator has an extensive commercial design background with a focus on lighting, which enhances residential and commercial design. All instructors have an industry background and are still actively involved in the industry."

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  • Jerome Coloma

    Jerome ColomaInterior Design

    "Being taught in-depth about the many disciplines within interior design by passionate teachers makes a world of difference. I believe that a teacher’s enthusiasm and positive relationship with the students greatly affect the quality and receptivity of the material, and many of my teachers had that."

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  • Deb Bayless

    Deb BaylessInterior Design

    Through her sister, Deb Bayless discovered COD. "She raved about the level of instruction while sharpening her math and accounting skills. Once my kids were busy with school all day, I started getting my feet wet. COD offered a program in Interior Design which was affordable and convenient."

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  • Puttiphong "Van" Uraamporn

    Puttiphong "Van" UraampornInterior Design

    "Jane (Kielb) advised me to plan out my classes for each semester. She also provided a great education, including lecture, lab and field trips."

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