Inside a gun range

About HSTI

Homeland Security Training Institute (HSTI) offers classes for law enforcement, fire science, first responders and corporate security personnel in the area of homeland security. Most HSTI classes take place in the Homeland Security Education Center (HEC) and Homeland Security Training Center (HTC) on the College of DuPage Glen Ellyn campus. A tactical training membership is available for members of law enforcement.

As a leader in providing training to combat threats in today's society, HSTI, in partnership with the Suburban Law Enforcement Academy, sets the bar for education for current and future generations of emergency responders, private security professionals and police officers. Combined with Fire Science and Criminal and Justice Studies credit programs, College of DuPage sets the standard in response training.

Homeland Security Education Center

The Robert J. Miller Homeland Security Education Center (HEC) houses the Criminal and Justice Studies and Fire Science Technology programs, Suburban Law Enforcement Academy (SLEA) and the COD Police Department.

The HEC includes forensics and cybercrime labs, an Internet crime investigation lab, an ambulance simulator, a mock courtroom/auditorium, a simulation hazmat/smoke room and the first non-military municipal 4-D immersive training lab.

The HEC features a life-size street scene with fire truck bays, ambulance simulator and working fire hydrants. The life-size street scene is the only one of its kind in the entire nation. This state-of-the-art facility is quickly adding to COD’s reputation as a national homeland security powerhouse.

The 4Dimmersive street scene provides the most realistic training experience possible. The street scene allows departments to conduct tactical, real-world training exercises in a simulated environment.

The Street Scene features: 

  • A full-scale street with sidewalks and working fire hydrants
  • Squad cars driven onto the street for tactical simulations
  • An ambulance simulator
  • Lighting system to simulate night or day
  • Movable walls for vertical and horizontal rescues
  • A sophisticated video system providing live feeds to classrooms
  • Observation spaces for students and instructors

Installed on Sept. 1, 2011 and located in the College of DuPage Sgt. Robert J. Miller Homeland Security Education, this I-beam comes from one of the World Trade Center towers. The 27” by 127” section weighs more than 1,000 pounds and is thought to have come from a lower floor at the center of one of the towers. The concrete attached to one end of the beam provides a haunting reminder of the floor where it originally connected.

College of DuPage applied to the New York Port Authority for a relic from the towers, along with thousands of other applicants, and was one of the few institutions and organizations selected to receive this piece of history. Its location on campus, in a building designed to train first responders, is a fitting memorial to the heroism and tragedy of that fateful day in 2001.

State-of-the-Art Interactive Labs

Forensics Lab

Learn more about the five laboratories in the HEC where students can practice their skills in a real-world setting.

Homeland Security Training Center

The Homeland Security Training Center (HTC) expands first responder instruction with advanced firearms training, interactive shoot/don’t shoot simulation and weapons cleaning/repair training.

Included in this facility is a 50-yard, 25-position indoor firing range that provides first responders a unique indoor facility for training purposes. The indoor range is safe and lead free, which will preserve the environment.

Adding realism to training exercises, the MILES System replicates both the actual firing capabilities and effects of weapons during training, detects hits from laser "bullets," and performs damage and/or casualty assessments on targets.

With 425 ready-to-train scenarios, MILO's interactive use-of-force and firearms training put your officers in real-world scenarios such as active shooters, robberies, mentally disturbed individuals, burglaries and vehicle stops.

The 50-yard firearms range is fully tactical and is designed to hold up to 24 shooters at a time. It allows for vehicles to be placed down range and tactics to be added to the firearms qualifications. Gone are the days of standing in a stationary position and shooting at paper targets; you need to be able to get out of the vehicle, move and take cover and fire at targets. This new range allows for this type of dynamic training.

TI Training prepares your department for split-second decisions. Use of force training puts your officers in the middle of the action providing a powerful and effective training experience. The practice and repetition prepares officers for the life and death situations they may encounter in the field.

The VirTra V300 Simulator is uniquely equipped to train officers to avoid ambushes and handle the most difficult of real-world situations. Scenarios, often based on real-life incidents, are carefully crafted by subject matter experts to heavily test the trainee's critical-thinking skills, firearms skills under pressure, and psychological preparation for close quarter combat.