Faculty Stories: Mia Boyd

Mia Boyd

Program: Cosmetology

Mia Boyd was initially a certified nail technician. But when the state required all nail professionals to become licensed, she began searching for a nail technology program.

“In my search, I discovered the world of cosmetology, and under cosmetology you could do it all,” she said. “And believe me, I tried it all, which allowed me the opportunity to discover my talent as an instructor.”

After finishing school, Boyd provided freelance beauty and consulting services to people who desired an image makeover. Her business helped clients develop their personal brand, which included appearance, body language and other communication skills.

Through her work Boyd developed her real passion: teaching.

“I love helping students discover their talents and strengths,” she said. “Also, teaching gives me the platform to inspire others to achieve the impossible. I consider it my gift, and I take the opportunity to encourage students to enjoy their craft while remembering that it is a business and that it can be life altering for them, as well as for their clients.

“My goal in teaching is to help my students become ‘The best of the best OF THE BEST!’ Simply put, I want my students to leave knowing that they are greatness.”

Boyd’s inspiration comes from life and the enjoyment of what it brings.

“Every day that I wake up, I get another day to BE: Be motivated, be of service, be in good company, be proactive, be grateful, and be alive.”

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