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Fall classes begin Aug. 22, with additional sessions starting Sept. 19 and Oct. 17. Apply today to register for classes and get the courses you want that work best for your schedule. Assistance with financial aid and academic advising is available.

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Opportunities to Participate

The average classroom ratio of students to faculty at COD is 22 to 1.

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Explore a Vast Campus

There are more than 1.75 million square feet of academic space on the College of DuPage campus.

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A Program for Everyone

COD offers seven degrees in over 175 areas of study.

Success Stories: Hisham Elseweifi

“Every major obstacle that I came up against had the opposite effect than what you would think. They pushed me to work harder, and I knew I was not letting all of my struggles be for nothing. College of DuPage gave me the opportunities to engage in my intellectual interests and explore my passions.”

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Success Stories: Angelina Kregg

Angelina Kregg’s favorite book as a child was “Dilly Duck.” While books have always been an important part of her life, Kregg appreciated the many opportunities she had growing up. “I made the choice to go back to school and find a different career involving what I love most: books and my love of learning,” she said.

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Success Stories: Leah Gormaz

Leah Gormaz developed an interest in criminology while watching crime documentaries on TV. “I always knew I wanted to help people, but I also wanted to take a step further than that. Working in the human trafficking unit takes time, commitment and courage, and I want to have that in order to help children, young adults and families reunite and be safe.”

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Success Stories: Amy Wheeler

As a child, Amy Wheeler received an electronics kit with several hundred do-it-yourself STEM projects. “It ignited my curiosity to analyze how things function, how they can break, and how they can be repaired and improved,” she said. “I’ve approached life with that mindset.”

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