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Serving a Large Community

More than 25 percent of all District 502 high school graduates attend College of DuPage during their college career.

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A Diverse Student Body

Each semester, more than 24,000 students attend College of DuPage.

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Explore a Vast Campus

The Glen Ellyn campus covers 273 acres and has eleven major buildings.

Success Stories: Amira Abuarqoub

Amira Abuarqoub always felt the struggle of being marginalized in society. This led to her desire to speak up and pursue a career in law. Eager to expand her education, Abuarqoub turned to College of DuPage, knowing the transition from high school to college would be easier and that it was the financially responsible option. She is now pursuing a bachelor's degree at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

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Success Stories: Ben Wahlund

Ben Wahlund, a Grammy-nominated music educator, composer and performer, serves as the Director of Percussion at College of DuPage. His music compositions have won numerous international awards and are performed by professionals around the world. He graduated from Northern Illinois University with a master’s degree in music theory and composition and a performance certificate in percussion.

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Success Stories: Maddy Peterson

Maddy Peterson is the first person to jump in and help people. She chose College of DuPage because she knew its Emergency Medical Services programming was strong. After completing the Trauma Assessment, Pediatric Assessment and Paramedic Transition courses at COD, she tested into and interviewed for a seat in Good Samaritan’s program and was accepted. Currently she works as a full-time paramedic through Metro for the Elmhurst Fire Department and is a part-time firefighter/paramedic for the Glen Ellyn Fire Department.

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Success Stories: Ben Pohl

Ben Pohl spent his sophomore and junior years in high school working with his father on his first car, a 1973 Volkswagen Super Beetle that had sat unused in a barn for 15 years. But after earning a bachelor's degree in recreational therapy and holding a series of prestigious jobs, he discovered he wasn't happy. Pohl came to College of DuPage after discovering the Automotive Technology program and loved what he found. Currently he is finishing a second bachelor's degree at Southern Illinois University that will prepare him for a new career that reflects his passion for cars.

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