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College of DuPage offers a variety of courses for every interest, personality and skill level. New classes are added to the course listing every semester. Visit the College of DuPage Course Catalog for more information on course descriptions.

If you know your major, choose a course that helps fulfill your general education requirements. If you are unsure about your major, choose a class that sparks your interest or schedule an appointment with a counselor or advisor.

Screen Printing

ART 2277

An introduction to screen printing processes. Topics include hand-cut, hand-drawn, and photographic stencils. Studio work in color create editions of fine art prints. Emphasis is
placed upon the creative use of these printmaking techniques. (6 lab hours)

Prerequisite: ART 1101 or ART 1199 with a grade of C or better, or consent of instructor.

Dispensary Operations

BUSIN 1180

Introduction to the functions and operations of a cannabis dispensary. Organization and operation of a dispensary will include customer service, retail sales, logistics, human resources, and inventory management procedures. (2 lecture hours)

Prerequisite: HORT 1100 or concurrent enrollment in HORT 1100 or consent of instructor.

Cannabis Law and Policy

BUSLW 1180

Overview of regulations and legal issues of cannabis cultivation and commerce. Federal, state and local laws will be discussed. (1 lecture hour)

Prerequisite: HORT 1100 or CRIMJ 1100 or concurrent enrollment in HORT 1100 or CRIMJ 1100.

Introduction to Machine Learning (ML)

CIS 2640

This course introduce students to a sub-field of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) with analysis of big data. Discusses classic unsupervised, supervised, and reinforcement learning methods used in the field of data classification, clustering, and optimization. This includes k-means, hierarchical clustering, self-organizing maps, linear regression, decision trees, Naïve Bayes, and optimization techniques such as genetic algorithms. It will also cover accessing interesting datasets, ideas on how to collect data from users, and many different ways to analyze and understand the data once found. (3 lecture hours, 2 lab hours)

Prerequisite: MATH 1635, CIS 1655, and CIS 2532 with a grade of a C or better, or equivalent, or consent of instructor.

Digital Pattern Drafting

FASHI 2320

Using industry centered digital pattern making   software, students will create garment patterns digitally, print out the patterns, and cut and sew the garment together. Half-scale patterns will be used to review traditional pattern drafting techniques. Garments created could include a women's top, dress, pleated skirt, pants, and a garment of their own choosing. Patterns will be used for grading and making markers. (6 lab hours) Prerequisite: FASHI 1301 with a grade of C or better, or equivalent, or consent of instructor.

Prerequisite: MATH 0465 or MATH 0481 with a grade of C or better, or equivalent; or a qualifying score on the Mathematics Placement Test; or a qualifying ACT Math score. Course requires Reading Placement Category One.

Public Safety Telecommunications II

FIRE 1182

Students will further develop the skills and abilities necessary to be a successful 9-1-1 Public Safety Telecommunicator. Using a combination of classroom and lab exercises, students will learn how to answer and process 9-1-1 calls and related radio traffic. (2 lecture hours, 2 lab hours)

Prerequisite: FIRE 1181 with a grade of C or higher or consent of instructor.

Diagnostic Coding

HIT 1110

This course introduces the ICD-10-CM code set, coding format and structure, coding conventions, and guidelines. Students will evaluate medical documentation and learn how to abstract, assign, and sequence diagnostic codes. (3 lecture hours)

Prerequisite: Admission to the HIT degree program is required.

Cool Season Vegetable and Herb

HORT 2311

Explores origin, crop requirements, harvesting, and management strategies for sustainable urban production of cool season vegetables and herbs. (1 lecture hour, 2 lab hours)

Mushroom Production

HORT 2313

Explores methods of growing edible mushrooms including culture, maintenance, substrate preparation, composting, spawn generation techniques, inoculation methods, harvesting, and pest and disease management. (2 lecture hours)

Lies, Manipulation, and Misinformation


Discussion and analysis of the history of fake news, news production, consumption and evaluation. Students will have the opportunity to develop the critical thinking skills necessary to be an informed citizen, understand how their worldview affects their interpretation of the news, and create a personal strategy for fact-checking and evaluating the news. (3 lecture hours)

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