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Transfer Application Checklist

If you plan to transfer from College of DuPage to another college or university, you will need to start planning early and manage the required paperwork. Counseling, Advising and Transfer Services is available to answer any questions you have about transferring to another college or university. Contact Counseling, Advising and Transfer Services to schedule an appointment at (630) 942-2259 or email transferservices@cod.edu.

Required Transfer Documents

  • Official College of DuPage transcripts
  • If applicable, official transcripts from all other colleges and universities attended, even if you have all “W” grades
  • Official high school transcripts and ACT/SAT scores (only if required by the university or if you have fewer than 30 transferrable credits)
  • Official Advanced Placement scores or International Baccalaureate grades (Consult with transfer destination before sending to understand how credit will transfer.)
  • Resume or summary list of clubs and organizations, activities and achievements
  • Parent Information (demographic, employment, financial)
  • Military service information if you are a veteran (Have your Joint Services or Community College of the Air Force transcript accessible.)

Students Other Than United States Citizens

All students can transfer their credits regardless of citizenship and residency status. Here are items to note when applying as an international student, U.S. citizen, or undocumented/DACA student.

  • If you are an international student or have a visa, you will typically complete the international student application. Work closely with the transfer destination to ensure you meet their requirements. All other students will complete the undergraduate transfer application.
  • If you completed high school and/or some college abroad, you may have additional steps to meet and should connect with the transfer destination for details.
  • You will need your Social Security number to apply if you are a legal permanent resident or U.S. citizen.

Note: DACA or undocumented students are not international students and are required to complete the domestic undergraduate transfer application. If you do not have a Social Security number, enter all zeros in its place. Public institutions may require additional affidavit questions.

FAFSA and Rise Act Applicants

All citizens and legal permanent residents must complete the FAFSA application to be considered for financial aid at their transfer institutions. Without FAFSA, transfer schools will not provide additional assistance beyond a merit scholarship. For more information about FAFSA, visit studentaid.gov.

Note: If you are younger than 24, you will need your parent(s) financial information to complete your FAFSA.

DACA and undocumented students in Illinois can receive state aid through the RISE Act. For details and eligibility requirements, visit ISAC.org.

Additional Transfer Materials

Transfer requirements vary by institution. Check your transfer destination to see if you will need additional materials.

Letters of Recommendation

Universities usually require that letters be written by faculty. Allow teaching or counseling faculty ample time (at least 3 to 5 weeks) before the application deadline. Once faculty has agreed to write letters, assist your writer by providing the following materials:

  • Details about the nature and purpose of the opportunity, including copies of the application for the university, program, scholarship or internship
  • A summary of your career and educational goals
  • A description of pertinent personal accomplishments, work or research experiences
  • A resume or list of your activities (sports, organizations, leadership and volunteer positions)
  • A deadline for submitting the letter of recommendation
  • Instructions regarding how and where to submit the letter (electronically or as a hard copy)

Personal Statement or Essay

Be sure you understand the writing prompt when you begin your personal statement or essay. Remember to write drafts and consult with the College of DuPage Learning Commons for support.

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