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Kaplan Test of English Placement Test

Students can place into new ELS classes using their previous classes or by taking the Kaplan Test of English placement test.

Finding Your Class Level

Students can determine their class level by determining their previous ELS class.

Classes by Level
Previous Class Next Class
ELS 0441 Reading I
4 credits
ELS 0401 English Language Fluency 4 
3 credits
ELS 0442 Reading II
4 credits
ELS 0501 English Language Fluency 5 (3 credits)
3 credits
ELS 0771 Listening and Speaking I
4 credits
ELS 0402 English Language for Argument and Analysis 4
3 credits
ELS 0772 Listening and Speaking II
4 credits
ELS 0502 English Language for Argument and Analysis 5
3 credits
ELS 0551 Writing I
4 credits
ELS 0403 English for Academic Success 4
4 credits
ELS 0552 Writing II
4 credits
ELS 0503 English for Academic Success 5
4 credits
Any Grammar Class 
(ELS 0661, 0662, 0663)
Check Your Kaplan Scores

By Placement Test

In order to be admitted to COD, any student who has studied for four years or fewer from kindergarten through high school in the United States and has not taken another placement test must take the Kaplan Test of English Language placement test. You can use the Multiple Choice or the average of your writing and speaking score to place into classes.

Score Chart
Kaplan Score Level Required Classes Optional Classes
500+ College    
425-499 Level 5 ELS 0501, 0502, 0503 ELS 0883, ELS versions of Engli 1101 and 1161
350-424 Level 4 ELS 0401, 0402, 0403 ELS 0882, Collg 1115, 1105, Math
275-349 Level 3 ELS 0301, 0302, 0303 ELS 0882

Continuing Education (ELA classes)  

Consent of ELS Chair (ELS Classes) 

For Continuing Education, email

For ELS, email

For Continuing Education, email

For ELS, email


Kaplan Test of English

  • Listening, reading and grammar
  • Multiple choice
  • Adjusts question difficulty depending on how students answer the questions
  • Takes an average of 73 minutes
  • Results are given immediately following the test 
  • Writing and speaking
  • Students must write an essay and record a speaking sample
  • Takes about one hour
  • Graded by human professional raters
  • Results are ready in 24-48 hours. Check your results by visiting
    • Click on "Academic Profiles"
    • Click on "Test Summary"

Frequently Asked Questions

New students are allowed to take the multiple choice and the writing and speaking test twice. Students must take both parts before retaking the first part.

The highest recorded placement score will prevail. Any testing beyond the allowed frequency can only be initiated by a full-time ELS faculty member or the Dean of Liberal Arts. 

Category One scores are permanently valid.

If a student has scores in categories two to five and has not been taking classes, it is recommended that they retest after a year.

The following links can help you practice for the Kaplan Test of English:

Practice Part One

Practice Part Two

Schedule an appointment with a Writing, Reading, Speech Assistance (WRSA) coach for test preparation assistance.

Visit one of the Testing Center locations to take the test.

There is no cost to take the test. You must apply to become a student at College of DuPage before you begin your placement tests. First-time students to COD have two chances to take the test. All other students may take the test one time per year from their last testing date. You must bring photo identification to the Testing Center.