Faculty Stories: Tony Chen

Tony Chen

Program: Computer and Information Technology

Tony Chen loves technology, and he's often learning just as much as his students in the Computer and Information Technology program.

"The technology in the computer networking area changes almost every day, and I always have something to do and learn. There is never a boring moment," he said. "When I go to work, I always find new challenges every day. On top of this, all the tasks have a very clear and measurable outcome. When I solve a challenge or problem, it gives me a very satisfying feeling."

Before coming to College of DuPage, Chen worked as a network manager at a local Glen Ellyn company, Ball Foundation. While at Ball, he conducted computer training classes and enjoyed it, which led him back to teaching.

"I always loved teaching," Chen explained. "I taught high school PE when I just graduated from the college. I then went to graduate school and got my master's degree in computer science. I was always a big believer in the transfer of knowledge."

Chen believes he can make a difference as a teacher and hope his students feel the same way.

"I always challenge my students to think critically and try to apply the book knowledge to the real work environment. Then I always try to challenge them to relate their book knowledge to real-life knowledge."

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