Faculty Stories: Felix Davis

Felix Davis

Program: Computer and Information Technology

Felix Davis has always been fascinated by technology.

"Even at a very young age, I was known for taking apart my electronic toys and putting them back together," he said. "I specifically developed an in-depth interest in computers when I learned of the Commodore 64's ability to write paper, play games and save files without the torture of white out for typewriter mistakes."

Davis has worked for a variety of companies and organizations, including the U.S. Army, AT&T, IBM, Tellabs, CITC and City College of Chicago, before coming to College of DuPage. During his corporate years, he chose to pursue a doctorate degree simply to set the bar for his children, unaware it would become a key component to the next stage of his career.

Now, as a full-time teacher, he loves sharing technical information with those interested in learning. 

"There is an unmeasurable satisfaction in seeing students grow and understand from a technical and intellectual perspective," he said. "Teaching is a way to stay engaged with cutting-edge technologies and embrace inevitable change while giving back to future generations all at the same time. I am inspired by God, my parents, my children and the opportunity to invest in others as these people have invested in me.

"I hope my students take away an interactive learning experience with a real-world understanding of how technology works and impacts the everyday life of everyone. I also aspire to enlighten the students with the overall opportunities and flexibility that a technical education offers when considering a career."

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