Faculty Stories: Lisa Higgins

Lisa Higgins

Program: English

Lisa Higgins is inspired by a wide variety of people and topics: Dickinson, Hawthorne, Dostoyevsky, Gandhi, Kafka, history and archeology, travel, science writing, Blues women, Chopin, WDCB, gardens, galleries and making lists.

Yes, lists. But one of the top items on that list is reaching the students in her English and literature courses.

"I want students to have the confidence that comes from knowing that whatever life throws at you, your abilities, skills and knowledge will help you survive — and thrive — in this world," she explained.

Before coming to College of DuPage, Higgins taught composition and literature courses at the University of Illinois at Chicago, Roosevelt University, Concordia University and Dominican University.

"I also worked as a fundraiser for non-profits in the Chicago area," Higgins said. "Like so many students, I paid for my own education and worked hard during school."

But the effort was worth it now that she's in the classroom.

"Every college student is unique and capable of doing great things," she said. "I want to help students develop the writing and analytical skills they need to fulfill their potential."

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