Student Stories: Angelina Kregg

Angelina Kregg portrait

Major: Library and Information Technology 

Angelina Kregg’s favorite book as a child was “Dilly Duck.”

“I asked my parents to read it so much to me that they would get annoyed,” she said. “The first book that inspired me was the original publishing of ‘Twilight,’ while I loved the insane creativity of ‘The 13 ½ Lives of Captain Bluebear.’”

While books have always been an important part of her life, Kregg appreciated the many opportunities she had growing up.

“My parents made sure I had the ability to pursue all of the hobbies and activities I was interested in, which fostered a love of exploration and travel from a young age,” she said. “I also enjoyed reading the works of others. Life became adaptable and fluid, because I don’t fit one mold or into one box.”  

When she reached college, Kregg pursued English and earned a Bachelor of Science from Bradley University. But after spending several years trying to break into the publishing industry, she decided to change direction.

“I made the choice to go back to school and find a different career involving what I love most: books and my love of learning,” she said.

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At College of DuPage, she began the Library and Information Technology program and immediately found a supportive environment.

“Just having an academic institution that is so willing to work with students from vast backgrounds and with a wide range of end goals was so encouraging and inspiring,” she said. “It made me think that I was not totally off the wall for pursuing a different career path years after I initially graduated from college, and it made me believe my goal was attainable.”

Kregg also began working at a library, which helped to confirm her new direction. Due to her schedule, she appreciated the flexibility of completing most of her courses remotely.

One of her passions is encouraging writing and literacy in schools and youth groups. She volunteers with Open Books, a nonprofit organization that helps inner city children develop their reading and writing skills, as an editor for numerous month-long writing workshops that encourage storytelling and creative thinking.

“I get such enjoyment in seeing how the kids improve throughout the program and become more confident in their abilities,” she said.

For anyone considering College of DuPage, never think it’s too late.

Angelina Kregg

Kregg continues to pursue a wide range of activities, including cross stitch and ballroom dance, and has taught both of them.

“I tend to pick up what some people term as ‘dying arts’ and breathe new life into them. I am a voracious reader and actively collect books as a hobby, and I like to participate in board games and video games with friends. Traveling and antiquing, or going to flea markets, is something that I enjoy, almost like a treasure hunt or trip into the past. I even had the confidence to audition for a Shakespeare show and got the part of Rosalind in the Joliet Drama Guild’s production of ‘As You Like It.’”

In graduating with her Associate in Applied Science, Kregg earned high honors and was named one of the outstanding graduate finalists. Her goal is to pursue a master’s degree in library science.

She currently works as a cataloging assistant at the Plainfield Public Library and enjoys the new direction that her career is following.

“I can honestly say I can wake up every day living out the goals I set for myself,” Kregg said. “Now I just hope to continue that upward trajectory and show others that you can pursue your dreams, no matter what your age, circumstance or ambition.”

COD helped Kregg determine the right path, and she encourages others to pursue their passions.

“For anyone considering College of DuPage, never think it’s too late,” she said. “COD is an affordable and flexible option to explore what is available out there. As a nontraditional student, those qualities were very important to me. The academic achievements and independence that COD provided enabled me to become more confident and pursue other goals that I may have been hesitant about before.”

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