Student Stories: Mirette Mikhail

Mirette Mikhail

Major: Transfer

Unsure of what career path to follow, Mirette Mikhail enrolled at College of DuPage.

“I wanted to start at a school that would allow me to see a variety of options to choose from and to better guide me in what bachelor’s I should pursue,” she said.   

Her goal was to complete prerequisites for transfer, and she decided to get a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Benedictine University. At one point her goal was to become a pharmacist, but Mikhail ended up going in another direction.

“While doing prerequisites for pharmacy, I truly enjoyed cadaver anatomy and was told by friends that I should look into physical therapy, as it would match this interest,” she said. “I applied to be a rehab technician at ATI Physical Therapy and I loved it so much.”

After completing her bachelor’s degree, Mikhail earned a Doctor of Physical Therapy from Midwestern University. She worked at Hinsdale Orthopedics before opening a new clinic in 2018 with ATI, which eventually had three full-time therapists and became one of ATI’s top locations.

I would advise students to use COD to assess your talents and use it to help you choose what career you want.

Mirette Mikhail

Mikhail now owns Team Rehabilitation Physical Therapy and is excited about designing and growing her business. Her work includes vestibular rehab, using the Schroth Method for scoliosis, women's health, blood flow constriction, dry needling, and LSVT for Parkinson’s disease.

“I love that every day I have the ability to see each one of my patients progress, and I truly have developed great friendships with all my patients while seeing them get better,” she said.  

Currently getting her MBA from Rasmussen College, Mikhail is thankful that she began at COD.

“COD helped me decide my future career and has led me to my choice of physical therapy,” she said. “I would advise students to use COD to assess your talents and use it to help you choose what career you want. I struggled so much for two years to discover what I would love to do, but COD allowed me to have the time and tools to pick a career that I now love and enjoy.”

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