Student Stories: Reid Nussbaum

Reid Nussbaum

Major: Nuclear Medicine

Reid Nussbaum wanted a career in the medical field so he could help people.

His interest in medical imaging developed after attending an information session about an X-ray program.

“They talked about the various imaging modalities, and I was fascinated by the ways that we can see inside the human body,” said Nussbaum, who also loves technology. “Nuclear medicine seemed particularly fascinating because it utilizes the administration of radioactive tracers known as radiopharmaceuticals that are specially designed to go to specific areas of the body in order to evaluate the function of that particular organ or body part. I ended up going to radiography school first and got licensed in X-ray and CT, but nuclear medicine was always my goal because it seemed most interesting.”

Health Science Admissions at COD

After research schools, Nussbaum chose College of DuPage because of the high quality of its nuclear medicine program. Even though he lives two hours from COD, he was happy with his choice.

“COD was very accommodating in helping me get the education I needed. The program director even helped me get a clinical site that was closer to where I lived so that I could get the experience necessary to succeed without having to drive so far.”

After completing the Nuclear Medicine program and earning his certificate, he passed the board exams for the NMTCB (Nuclear Medicine Technology Certification Board) and the ARRT (American Registry of Radiologic Technologists). Nussbaum now works at Carle Bromenn Medical Center as a nuclear medicine technologist. While happy with his job, he is interested in new technology that combines MRI imaging with nuclear medicine, so he is considering getting licensed in MRI since the new field would require being licensed in both modalities. 

Nussbaum advises prospective students to take advantage of COD’s Nuclear Medicine program.

“This is a great field to get into, and COD’s program is top notch,” he said. “It is definitely challenging and requires dedication and commitment, but it’s worth it!”

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