Student Stories: Devin Oommen

Devin Oommen

Major: Political Science

When Devin Oommen first attended College of DuPage, he was not a good student.

“At some point, I convinced myself school was not for me,” he said. “I had to focus on finding the correct path for myself. After working various retail and labor jobs, I eventually had a manager who recognized I was holding myself back. I was afraid to try and fail again, but he gave me the push I needed.

“When I came back to COD, I found I was able to excel in classes. I communicated with professors not only when I was having trouble or needed extensions, but also when I was curious and wanted to know more. In my classes at COD, I’ve learned how to think objectively and developed a love of learning. I’ve also attended workshops and seminars offered by COD that helped me recognize and focus on my strengths. These skills helped me to avoid mistakes I made in the past.”

Because COD is an affordable option, Oommen is taking the time to explore subjects that interest him the most, one of which is political science.

In my classes at COD, I’ve learned how to think objectively and developed a love of learning.

Devin Oommen

“I wanted to gain a deeper understanding of the events that were dominating the news and was curious about the politics of ‘access’ or, as political scientist Harold Laswell defined politics, ‘who gets what, when and how,’” he said.

His educational goals are to pursue a bachelor’s degree in data science or statistics with a minor or double major in political science, and then to earn a doctorate degree.

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“I hope to find careers that use data science in ways that intersect with politics to improve access for populations with less opportunity,” he said.

Oommen believes COD and the faculty do everything they can to ensure student success.

“I am forever grateful to the Political Science program and professors such as Maureen Heffern-Ponicki. They teach the subject with passion and connect lessons to events that are happening in real time. I encourage every student to take a political science class at COD,” he said.

“I keep a formula for success in my mind—‘ Time + Work = Progress’—that helps me to continue moving when I fail and to push myself further than I ever thought I could succeed. I admire so much about the students at COD and hope sharing my story will help someone who may be doubting themselves the way I used to.”

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