Student Stories: Greg Romero

Greg Romero

Major: Automotive Service Technology

Ever since he was a kid, Greg Romero has loved cars.

“My parents always remind me that when I started speaking, ‘car’ was my first word after ‘mom’ and ‘dad,’” he said. “After moving from California to Illinois when I was 10, I found that one of my uncles was a mechanic, so I started spending a lot of time with him. I would cut his grass and do yard work in return for him teaching me automotive basics, which resulted in my first oil change when I was 10 years old and my first brake job when I was 11. This obsession with cars and how they work has continued my entire life and has ultimately led me to where I am today.”

Romero came to College of DuPage because of its reputation and location.

“It was a no-brainer that COD was the college for me, considering its outstanding Automotive Service Technology program and its relationship with Southern Illinois University’s auto program. I transitioned to earning my bachelor’s degree without any worries about classes not transferring.”

His studies in the program led to his first automotive job at an independent shop called “Greg’s My Mechanic,” as the owner was looking specifically to hire a COD automotive student. Between his classes and the hands-on work training, Romero was ready for his next position providing oil changes at Gerald Hyundai.

COD is top-notch with an amazing atmosphere that is second to none.

Greg Romero

After completing both a certificate and the Associate in Applied Science degree, Romero transferred to Southern, where he and several other students from COD felt well-prepared and excelled in their coursework. He finished his bachelor’s degree while working his way up to become a Platinum Master Technician, the highest qualification for a tech at Hyundai.

Romero then found an opportunity at night in the Automotive Service Technology program at COD.

“I started as a lab aid for a semester to help out the students and instructors the best I could,” he said. “Based upon my technical experience and education, I was given the chance to start teaching automotive classes at night, and I’ve loved every minute of it.”

Romero currently works for Hyundai Motor America corporate in their Parts and Service department for the central U.S. while continuing to teach at night for both COD and Southern at its Chicago satellite campus.

“As someone who is very career and goal orientated, I always want to climb the ladder and be better than I was yesterday. Because of this, I would just like to climb as much as possible within my current company. With so many positions, the ladder can go a million different ways, which is great to keep the doors open about what I want to do within the company.” 

Romero would strongly encourage anyone considering the Automotive Service Technology program to visit campus, get a feel for the environment and meet with staff.

Learn more about the Automotive Technology program at College of DuPage

“COD is top-notch with an amazing atmosphere that is second to none,” he said. “Everyone there is willing to help you as much as possible, and with the number of resources they have available, it always helps to make college life just a little bit easier. I would also advise prospective students to think about their future, what they want to do and who they want to be. Because answering simple things like this can help COD recommend a path to success.

“COD set the foundation for everything I needed to progress in my career and in my education. It has helped me to be where I’m at in life today.”


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