Student Stories: Dimitri Stojanovski

Dimitri Stojanovski

Major: Computer and Information Science

When Dimitri Stojanovski was a child, he enjoyed playing on a computer.

“It was cool how I could write some simple programs,” he said. “If I could make a computer do ‘a+b=c,’ I wondered what else I could make it do.”

Student Life at COD

Stojanovski came to College of DuPage to minimize costs so he could be debt-free after graduation. He also excelled in the hands-on Computer and Information Science program and made time to participate in clubs and activities on campus.

“COD provides classes that allowed me to achieve my degree, as well as opportunities to capitalize on other experiences,” he said. “For example, I was involved in the Computer Science Club, which helped me increase my knowledge of computers and develop leadership skills, and I was an orientational leader at New Student Orientation (NSO), where I could inspire other students to get involved at COD. I found that being involved in student clubs and organizations also helped me to improve my social life.”

3+1 Programs

Stojanovski completed his bachelor’s degree in computer science through COD’s 3+1 program with Lewis University, which allows students to earn their baccalaureate degrees from Lewis while taking all of their classes on COD’s campus. His goal is to work on AI so he can build a better future for all, “where AI serves as a force for good,” he added.

As for COD, he is thankful for the opportunities to immerse himself on campus.

“Everyone wants to have a fulfilling college life,” he said. “COD has many clubs and events that can help you to meet new people and explore your interests. I encourage students to join SLC (Student Leadership Council), NSO and the Computer Science Club. These organizations can help you to familiarize yourself with COD, meet new friends and develop leadership skills. Explore your interests, your personality, your wants and your ideas of how things could be better.”

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