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Natural Restoration and Preservation Areas

COD maintains three natural areas on the Glen Ellyn campus: the Russell R. Kirt Prairie, the Ecological Study Area, and the B.J. Hoddinott Wildlife Sanctuary. The College campus includes 9 ponds; 7 of which are within the Natural Areas and managed by our team. These areas are open to the public for nonconsumptive recreational use; removal of plants and seeds from these areas is prohibited.

View a map of the College of DuPage campus to locate a prairie.

Russell R. Kirt Prairie

This 18-acre natural area consists of about six acres of marsh, a one-acre retention pond, 11 acres of reconstructed prairie and savanna planted between 1984 and 2000, and a quarter mile of display/seed production beds planted in 1997 along the southern boundary of the preserve. Over a half mile of trails, including a 1/6-mile wheelchair accessible stretch, allows easy access for nonconsumptive recreational use.

Ecological Study Area

This 15-acre natural area consists of about three acres of marsh, four acres of successional woodland, and eight acres of reconstructed prairie planted between 1975 and 1997. Over a half mile of trails allows easy access for nonconsumptive recreational use.

B.J. Hoddinott Wildlife Sanctuary

This nine-acre natural area is primarily a marsh and wetland that was dedicated as a preserve in 1983. There are no trails through this area.

Contact Information

For questions about land management, events, tours and volunteer workday information, contact:

Anna Bakker 
Outdoor Lab/Prairie Manager
(630) 942-3919
Berg Instructional Center (BIC), Room 0545

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