boy participating in activity at STEMCON booth


From soldering and robots to microorganisms and fossils, COD STEMCON lets you explore the fascinating world of STEM. Get hands on with dozens of high-quality, well-facilitated experiments and demonstrations designed to inform, entertain and spark interest in a broad range of STEM topics.

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Mission Statement: STEMCON is a public outreach event designed to educate and inspire K-12 students in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

Vision: We aspire to be recognized by students and the community alike as a college with a rigorous STEM program and as a compelling option for students wishing to pursue a STEM field of study by increasing their STEM skills in order to prepare them for the global workforce of the future. We want students walking out of this event saying, “That’s cool. I can do that, and I’m going to start at COD.”

Core Values

  • Teamwork and Collaboration – we know that the STEM disciplines are not exclusive of each other. In the real world, they are often interdisciplinary and require collaboration between and within fields of study. We value teamwork and collaboration and strive to represent these value throughout our event, from the planning stages to the day of the event.
  • Growing and Learning – as an institute of higher education, growth and learning are primary values that shape our vision and culture. Our event is entirely about growing your mind and learning new things.
  • Passion and Curiosity – we want our participants and attendees to find their passion for STEM. Our event is driven by our own passion, which we hope will in turn generate curiosity and passion among our audience.
  • Fun and Innovative – part of educating and inspiring involves providing a positive and engaging atmosphere for our audience. Providing exhibits and other learning opportunities that are innovative and engaging helps increase the fun factor of our event.
  • Global Impact—we recognize the need for increasing STEM skills among today’s students in order to prepare them for the global workforce of the future. Our exhibitors understand that students today are preparing for jobs which may not yet exist and that STEM skills can help them be successful.

STEMCON Photo and Video Policy

Attendees and participants at COD STEMCON agree to allow College of DuPage and its official photographers and videographers to photograph them in the context of the conference. Footage captured by COD's official photographers may be used in future print and electronic promotional and archival materials. Email with any questions.