Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Division Faculty

Faculty List (Alphabetical)

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  • Jason Adams, Assistant Professor, Biology
  • James, Adducci, Assistant Professor, Mathematics
  • Shamili Ajgaonkar, Professor, Biology
  • Scott Albert, Professor, Mathematics
  • Barbara Anderson, Professor, Biology
  • Christopher Bailey, Assistant Professor, Mathematics
  • Scott Banjavicic, Associate Professor, Engineering
  • Alexandra Carley Bennett, Assistant Professor, Physics
  • P. Jim Bradley, Associate Professor, Mathematics
  • Thomas Carter, Professor, Physics
  • Joseph DalSanto, Instructor, Earth Science
  • Yumei Dang, Assistant Professor, Mathematics
  • Kathleen Dexter, Assistant Professor, Mathematics
  • Cory DiCarlo, Assistant Professor, Chemistry
  • David Fazzini, Professor, Physics
  • Joseph Filomena, Professor, Earth Science
  • Kathleen Finan, Associate Professor, Biology
  • Kevin Fink, Assistant Professor, Mathematics
  • Julie Gibbs, Professor, Biology

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  • Lubna Haque, Associate Professor, Chemistry
  • Jor-El Hardy, Associate Professor, Biology
  • Erich Hauenstein, Professor, Mathematics
  • Kathleen Hess, Assistant Professor, Chemistry
  • Jennifer Hill, Instructor, Mathematics 
  • Erica Hotsinpiller, Assistant Professor, Mathematics
  • Richard Jarman, Professor, Chemistry
  • Elizabeth Kiedaisch, Professor, Mathematics
  • Beth Kirkpatrick, Professor, Biology
  • Jerry Krusinski, Professor, Mathematics
  • Gail Laurent,Assistant Professor, Mathematics
  • Anthony Lenard, Professor, Mathematics
  • Tara Leszczewicz, Associate Professor, Anatomy and Physiology
  • James Ludden, Professor, Biology
  • Zia Mahmood, Professor, Mathematics
  • Laurette McGregor, Assistant Professor, Mathematics
  • Mary Newberg, Associate Professor, Chemistry
  • Kathy Nickell, Professor, Mathematics
  • Rumiana Nikolova-Genov, Assistant Professor, Physics
  • Michael O'Leary, Professor, Mathematics
  • Karan Oliver-Tucci, Assistant Professor, Anatomy and Physiology

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  • Alyssa Pasquale, Associate Professor, Engineering
  • Rita Patel, Assistant Professor, Mathematics
  • William Peacy, Professor, Chemistry
  • Karen Persky, Professor, Biology
  • Christy Peterson, Professor, Mathematics
  • Jack Pripusich, Assistant Professor, Mathematics
  • Lynda Randa, Associate Professor, Biology
  • Thomas Ruehlmann, Professor, Anatomy and Physiology
  • Paul Sirvatka, Professor, Earth Science
  • David Smith, Professor, Engineering
  • Caroline Soo, Professor, Mathematics
  • Michael Stack, Associate Professor, Mathematics
  • Ronald Stenz, Assistant Professor, Earth Science
  • Diana Strode, Assistant Professor, Earth Science
  • Mark Sutherland, Professor, Earth Science
  • David Taylor, Assistant Professor, Biology
  • Georgina Trausch, Assistant Professor, Mathematics 
  • Jeffrey Trautmann, Associate Professor, Chemistry
  • Andreas Vrettos, Associate Professor, Electronics Technology
  • Matthew Wechter, Assistant Professor, Mathematics


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