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Online Degrees and Certificates

Online degrees at College of DuPage give you the flexibility of completing your educational goals while still making time to keep up with your work schedule and other at-home obligations. Earn an Associate in Applied Science, Associate in Arts or certificate online when it is most convenient for you. 

Benefits of Earning Your Online Degree

Online degrees and certificates offer you increased flexibility and convenience compared to traditional in-person courses including the: 

  • Ability to apply online for admission.
  • Affordable cost of tuition. COD has one of the lowest tuition rates in the state of Illinois and is one of the most affordable community colleges in the United States. Both the technology fee and out-of-district fee often added to earning an online degree are currently being waived, making the cost of earning an online degree the same as a traditional in-person degree.
  • Seamless transfer of credits. If you are returning to college, you can transfer credits you have previously earned at another higher education institution or you can take a credit by proficiency examination. A credit by proficiency examination gives students the opportunity to gain credit for knowledge acquired through an occupation or life experience related to specific COD courses.
  • Access to placement tests. Eligible students can take proctored placement tests remotely for certain courses through the Virtual Testing Center.
  • Online tutoring support services. The Learning Commons offers a variety of course-based tutoring, math, writing, reading, and speech assistance through one-on-one or small-group video appointments and drop-in sessions.
  • Opportunity to maintain work-life balance, all while keeping money in your pocket. With online degrees, you'll save on gas, wear and tear on your vehicle and you'll spend less time traveling to and from campus so you can have more time to focus on your studies.

Online Degree and Certificate Programs

In addition to an in-person format, the following degrees and certificates are currently available online:

Accounting, Associate in Applied Science

The Accounting Associate in Applied Science degree is designed to provide the theoretical and practical background necessary for supervisory and administrative careers in accounting and accounting-related areas.

Accounting, Specialist Certificate

The Accounting Specialist certificate prepares students for entry-level positions in areas such as accounts payable, accounts receivable, and payroll.  Also develops computerized general ledger software skills to complement this role. 

Administrative Support Essentials, Certificate

The Administrative Support Essentials certificate provides additional opportunity for administrative professionals and progresses into the Administrative Support Specialist certificate and degree. 

Administrative Support Specialist, Associate in Applied Science

The Administrative Support Specialist degree prepares students by developing and enhancing their skills using current technologies in today's office. Courses are designed for students entering the Office Technology Information curriculum for the first time and for students preparing for a return to the work force. 

Administrative Support Specialist, Certificate

The Administrative Support Specialist certificate requires 46 credits.

Advanced Accounting, Certificate

The Advanced Accounting certificate provides an in-depth study of accounting for students needing to meet the educational requirements to qualify for the Certified Public Accountant Examination. It is also for business professionals seeking an in-depth analysis of accounting for career advancement. 

Application and Technical Support Specialist, Associate in Applied Science

The Application and Technical Support Specialist degree prepares students to provide help, support and technical advice to computer users.

Associate in Arts

The Associate in Arts degree represents the first two years of study for students who plan to transfer and pursue a Bachelor of Arts degree.

Bookkeeping, Certificate

The Bookkeeping certificate prepares students to work with and manage an organization's financial accounts, including recording and analyzing financial information, preparing financial reports for management, and processing payroll.

Business Environment & Concepts, Certificate

The Business Environment and Concepts certificate is designed for CPA Examination candidates who have a non- business baccalaureate degree. This certificate satisfies the Business Ethics, Business Communications, and Business hours required to sit for the CPA Exam.

C++ Language Proficiency, Certificate

The C++ Language Proficiency certificate requires 15 credits in the courses.

CIS Spreadsheet Proficiency Certificate

This Windows based Spreadsheet Proficiency certificate prepares students to utilize spreadsheets, analyze data, and apply business intelligence tools in business applications.

Consumer Marketing, Certificate

The Consumer Marketing certificate prepares students for customer service and consumer relations responsibilities.

Criminal Justice, Associate in Applied Science

The Criminal Justice program is designed to prepare students for career entry or career advancement in criminal justice agencies. This program is particularly useful for those pursuing careers with local and state law enforcement agencies, and it can also prepare students for entry-level correctional and private security positions.

Data Analytics, Certificate

The Data Analytics certificate will prepare students for entry-level data analysis, setup and usage of business intelligence, and data analysis solutions. Provides a foundation for future training in data science and big data analysis.

Database Proficiency, Certificate

The Database Proficiency certificate requires proficiency in using Windows and 10 credits.

Digital and Social Media Marketing, Certificate

The Digital & Social Media Marketing certificate provides students the foundational understanding of developing a digital marketing strategy. Students will be able to optimize a company's digital marketing efforts through SEO, digital content creation, analysis of digital metrics, develop email campaigns, and learn best website practices.

Enterprise Database Proficiency, Certificate

The Enterprise Database Proficiency certificate recommends the completion of 4932 Desktop Database Proficiency certificate and requires 13 credits.

Entrepreneurship, Certificate

The Entrepreneurship certificate requires a minimum of 12 credits.

iOS Developer Proficiency, Certificate

The iOS Developer Proficiency certificate prepares the student to design and develop applications for Apple iOS platform in accordance with Apple development standards.

JAVA Language Proficiency, Certificate

The JAVA Language Proficiency certificate requires 15 credits.

Legal Studies, Certificate

The Legal Studies certificate prepares its graduates to perform substantive legal work under the supervision of an attorney. 

Legal Studies, Associate in Applied Science

The Legal Studies degree prepares its graduates to perform substantive legal work under the supervision of an attorney.

Long-Term Care Administration, Certificate

The Long-Term Care Administration certificate prepares students for a variety of administrative and management positions in agencies providing long-term health care.

Management, Associate in Applied Science

The Management Associate in Applied Science degree prepares students for management and supervisory careers in business and industry.

Management, Certificate

The Management certificate offers students the opportunity to study the managerial process and gain valuable skills in coordinating and overseeing the work of organizational resources so that the goals of the firm can be accomplished.

Marketing, Associate in Applied Science

The Marketing program provides the academic and practical background for a successful career in this dynamic field. Graduates have many employment opportunities, including inside and outside sales, customer services, consumer marketing, business-to-business marketing, e-commerce and promotions.

Marketing, Certificate

The Marketing certificate requires a minimum of 31 credits.

Office Technology Specialist, Certificate

The Office Technology Specialist certificate prepares the student for an entry-level administrative support position. This certificate requires 18 credits.

Organizational Leadership, Certificate

The Organizational Leadership certificate requires 12 credits courses in Management.

Paraprofessional in Education, Certificate

The Paraprofessional certificate is designed to prepare individuals to take on the role of a paraprofessional also known as a teacher's assistant, in a K-12 classroom. Students will take a variety of classes to introduce them to aspects of teaching and learning that will help them to be successful as a paraprofessional.

Python Language Proficiency, Certificate

The Python Language Proficiency certificate provides students with core competencies in the use of the Python Programming Language. Students are required to complete coursework that includes basic and advanced concepts in Python language programming, computer information systems, data structure application, Python standard library applications, Data science, and programming logic and design.

Software Development, Associate in Applied Science

The Software Development degree prepares students to design, develop, and maintain software through the implementation of established software design constructs in standard programming languages.

Supervision, Certificate

The Supervision certificate is designed to provide individuals in first-line managerial positions with current content in balancing the requirements for high work performance with the diverse needs of the workforce.

Web Client Developer, Certificate

The Web Client Developer certificate provides the necessary skills and knowledge for client-side Web site development. Learn to develop Web sites using Hypertext Markup Language version 5 (HTML5), Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), and JavaScript. You will write code manually, as well as use graphical user interface (GUI) authoring tools, and program client-side, platform-independent solutions. 

Web Development, Associate in Applied Science

Web Development degree is designed for students who wish to enter into the web development market or already working as a web developer in the industry. This degree prepares students to design and develop web sites using the popular web development technologies of the day.

Web Programmer, Certificate

The Web Programmer certificate requires 31 credits.

Word Specialist, Certificate

The Word Specialist certificate develops MS Word skills and includes topics for industry certification. This certificate requires 6 credits.

Writing Studies’ Professional Writing, Certificate

The two-time national award-winning Writing Studies program offers students a Professional Writing Certificate that can be completed fully online and in less than a year. Students gain real hands-on experiences writing with and for organizations and nonprofits. They also assemble a professional portfolio of their writing to use on the job market. Upon completion, students make career changes, secure internships and writing jobs, and gain entrance into undergraduate and graduate programs.

Online Degree Formats

COD offers several different types of online class formats, but only online (NET) and virtual classroom meetings (VCM) are offered for online degrees. Both NET and VCM course formats are offered every semester. 

Online (NET) courses are taught completely online following instructor timelines and learning outcomes. Students interact mostly through discussion boards and written messages and all assignments are submitted online. 

Virtual Classroom Meeting (VCM) courses meet completely online in real time at specified days and times using video chat software. All assignments are submitted online. This format is designed to allow students regular face-to-face contact in a virtual format.

Find an Online Course

COD's hybrid and online course search makes it easier for you to find non-traditional courses. Course descriptions, professors and sections are listed, but you will need to use Student Planning to register for classes after you have submitted your application for admission.

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Get Started Earning Your Online Degree

The first step to earning your degree is to follow the five steps to enrollment which includes applying for admission. If you have questions regarding the admissions process, contact Admissions and Outreach.

Frequently Asked Questions

Online courses are administered through Blackboard, the learning management system used at COD. You will find your course syllabus and calendar in Blackboard and you can access your assignments, tests and course discussions. You will be expected to log on to Blackboard frequently--every day in many cases and sometimes over the weekend.

Each course is different, but the majority of online courses are structured like traditional courses. Work must be completed by certain deadlines (you can't wait until the last week to do it all), which are usually spaced week-by-week. You will need to log on to look at new lecture material and to complete any assignments that the instructor has put on the site.

In many courses, you will also be responsible for participating in weekly discussions. These are done through online discussion boards, where you will be graded on your responses to questions and engagement with other students.

The SmarterMeasure Self-Assessment Tool can help determine if online learning is a right fit for you.

The majority of online courses at COD are delivered entirely online and will not necessitate students coming to campus. However, there are some online courses that will require you to come to campus for placement testing or for proctored exams or to outside locations for clinical practicums.

You can complete your work any time of day or night that you want. This is part of what makes online classes so great for working adults.

You will have to meet weekly deadlines. This means that you will have to keep pace and ensure that you are completing work regularly so that you will not miss deadlines and fall behind in the course.

Many of the things that will make you successful in an online class are the same things that make you successful in a traditional class: completing course reading assignments, asking questions, watching lectures and studying on a regular schedule.

Because online courses are student-centered, a lot of your success depends on your active participation. For each credit hour you are taking, you will need to spend three to four hours completing the requirements of the course.

While you may not be on campus, that doesn't mean you're completely isolated from the resources COD provides.

The Learning Commons offers both live and email assistance and tutoring services in math, writing, reading and speech. You can also contact tech support, faculty members and staff working in every department in the school, from registration to the library, if you need help.