meteorology students discuss cloud patterns on weather map

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COD Stories

Paul Sirvatka

"We give our students the best meteorology experience. For freshmen and sophomores, I would say there is not a better place to learn meteorology than at COD." - Paul Sirvatka

Paul's COD Story

COD Stories

Joe DalSanto

"I’ve been told repeatedly that my passion for astronomy shows. I want to share that passion and so I take great interest in my students’ success." - Joe DalSanto

Joe's COD Story

COD Stories

Mark Sutherland

"My hope is that students who emerge from my classes find a world that is bigger than when they arrived." - Mark Sutherland

Mark's COD Story

COD Stories

Ron Stenz

"I hope my students leave my class with an increased appreciation of the world around them and see things, such as clouds and storms, differently after learning about how these processes work,” - Ron Stenz

Ron's COD Story