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History Program

The History program at College of DuPage offers courses that help students better understand the changes in the world and their place in it. History courses form a central part of the foundation of any college education, whether a student intends to complete an associates degree or certificate at COD or transfer to a four-year school.

Students can take a wide range of history courses including introductory surveys in United States history and western civilization, broad area studies of Asia, Africa, Russia, the Middle East and Latin America. More focused classes on topics such as the history of Terrorism, African American history, Native American history, World War II and the Holocaust and the American Revolution are also available. All history classes include vital reading and writing components.

Potential history majors are strongly encouraged to consult with one of the faculty members listed below early in their first year to plan out an appropriate course of study. If you are considering this program as an area of study, contact a faculty member.

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History Transfer Pathway

The History Transfer Pathway, Associate in Arts represents a typical course schedule/sequence for a student planning to complete the Associate in Arts degree within two years, then transfer and major in a specific discipline. 

Get Started Today

The first step to getting started in the History program is to apply for admission.

Academic and Career Pathways give you a roadmap to achieving your career goals. Follow a pathway based on your degree that outlines which classes you need to take and when so you graduate on time or move on to the next phase in your career.

Students who complete courses in history will:

  • Demonstrate critical thinking skills in relation to history.
  • Explain historical causation.
  • Appreciate the interconnectedness of different civilizations in different eras.
  • Distinguish between different forms of historical evidence.
  • Understand the importance of historical events on modern times.
  • Write analytically on historical topics.

College of DuPage has several history transfer opportunities in place with four-year colleges and universities to save you time, money and make the transfer process easier.

Many of these agreements with other colleges and universities have specific course requirements and a pre-determined course plan that needs to be followed to be eligible to transfer. Contact a program faculty member or academic advisor to learn more as course requirements vary by institution.


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