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Eligible Degree and Certificate Programs

To be eligible for Title IV financial aid or Illinois MAP Grant financial aid, a student must be enrolled as a regular student in an eligible program. The following degrees and certificate are eligible for Title IV financial aid and Illinois MAP Grant financial aid.

Title IV financial aid is federally funded aid that includes Federal Pell Grant, Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (SEOG), Federal Perkins Loan, Federal Subsidized and Unsubsidized Direct Loans.

Program Code Program Title
AA Associate in Arts
ACCOU.AAS.ACCOU Accountancy Degree
ACCOU.CER.ADV Advanced Accounting Certificate 
ACCOU.CER.BKKP Bookkeeping Certificate
ACCOU.CER.PARA Paraprofessional Accountant Certificate
AES Associate in Engineering Science
AGS Associate in General Studies
APTEC.CER.PHEA Project Hire Ed Apprenticeship
ARCH.AAS.CADD Architectural Technology-CADD Degree
ARCH.AAS.CONST Construction Management Degree
ARCH.AAS.PRE Pre-Architecture Technology Degree
ARCH.CER.ARCH Architectural Technology Certificate
ARCH.CER.CONST Construction Management Certificate
ARCH.CER.PRE Pre-Architecture Certificate
ARCH.CER.ARCH Architectural Technology Certificate
ARCH.CER.CONST Construction Management Certificate
ARCH.CER.PRE Pre-Architecture Certificate
ART.AFA Associate in Fine Arts-Art
AS Associate in Science
ASLI.AAS American Sign Language Interpreter Degree
ASLI.CER.INTP American Sign Language Interpreting Certificate
ASLI.CER.SIGN American Sign Language Certificate
AUTO.AAS.MSTR Master Automotive Service Technology Degree
AUTO.CER.ADV Master Automotive Service Technology Advanced Certificate
AUTO.CER.ENTRY Entry Level Automotive Service Technology
AUTO.CER.SERV Automotive Service Management Certificate
AVIAT.AAS.MANAG Aviation Program
CIS.AAS.GAMEA Game Animation and Design Degree
CIS.AAS.GAMED Game Design and Development Degree
CIS.AAS.GAMEP Game Programming and Development Degree
CIS.AAS.SOFTW Software Development Degree
CIS.AAS.TECH Application & Technical Support Specialist Degree
CIS.AAS.WEBDEV Web Development Degree
CIS.CER.BUSPRO Business Productivity Software Certificate
CIS.CER.DATA Data Analytics Certificate
CIS.CER.GAMED Game Design & Development Certificate
CIS.CER.GAMEP Game Programming and Development Certificate
CIS.CER.IOSDEV iOS Developer Proficiency Certificate
CIS.CER.IOT Internet of Things Proficiency Certificate
CIS.CER.NETWK Windows Network Administration Certificate
CIS.CER.UNIX UNIX Proficiency Certificate
CIS.CER.WEBPRG Computer & Information Technology
CIT.AAS.CIT Computer and Information Technology Degree
CIT.AAS.CYBER Cybersecurity and Defense Degree
CIT.CER Computer & Internetworking Technologies Certificate
CIT.CER.CYBER Cybersecurity Specialist Certificate
CIT.CER.SYS System Support Specialist Certificate
COSME.AAS Cosmetology Degree
COSME.CER Cosmetology Certificate
CRIMJ.AAS Criminal Justice Degree
CRIMJ.AAS.HOME Homeland Security Degree
CRIMJ.CER Criminal Justice Certificate
CRIMJ.CER.HOME Homeland Security Certificate
CSFA.CER Surgical First Assistant Certificate
CULIN.AAS.BAKE Baking & Pastry Arts Degree
CULIN.AAS.CUART Culinary Arts Degree
CULIN.AAS.CULIN Culinology and Food Science Degree
CULIN.CER.BAKE Baking & Pastry Arts Certificate
CULIN.CER.CUART Culinary Arts Certificate
DEHYG.AAS Dental Hygiene Degree
DMIN.CER Diagnostic Medical Imaging Nuclear Medicine Certificate
DMIN.CER.CTOMO Computed Tomography (CT) Certificate
DMIR.AAS Diagnostic Medical Imaging Radiography Degree
DMIS.AAS Diagnostic Medical Imaging Sonography Degree
DMIS.CER Diagnostic Medical Imaging Sonography Certificate
EARTH.CER.WHAZ Weather Hazards & Preparedness Certificate
ECEC.AAS Early Childhood Education & Care Degree
ECEC.AAS.ADMIN Early Childhood Administration Degree
ECEC.CER.ADMIN Early Childhood Education & Care Administrator Certificate
ECEC.CER.ADV Early Childhood Education & Care Advanced Certificate
ECEC.CER.ECEC Early Childhood Education & Care Certificate
ECEC.CER.SCHCC School-Age Child Care Certificate
EDUCA.CER.PARAP Paraprofessional in Education Certificate
ELECT.AAS Electronics Engineering Technology Degree
ELECT.AAS.BIOMED Biomedical Engineering Technology Degree
ELECT.CER Electronics Technology Certificate
ELECT.CER.INDCA Industrial Controls and Automation Certificate
ELMEC.AAS.ELECA Electrician Apprenticeship Degree
ELMEC.AAS.ELMET Electro-Mechanical Technology Degree
ELMEC.CER.ADVMEC Advanced Mechatronics Technology
ELMEC.CER.MECH Mechanical Maintenance Certificate
ELMEC.CER.MECTE C Mechatronics Technology Certificate
ELMEC.CER.PROC Process Control Instrumentation Certificate
ELMEC.CER.PROLO G Programmable Logic Controllers Certificate
ENGLI.CER.PROF Professional Writing Certificate
EYE.CER.ASST Eye Care Assistant Certificate
FASHI.AAS.DESGN Fashion Design Degree
FASHI.AAS.MERCH Fashion Merchandising Degree
FASHI.CER.DESGN Fashion Design Certificate
FASHI.CER.ENTRE Fashion Entrepreneurship Certificate
FASHI.CER.MERCH Fashion Merchandising Certificate
FIRE.AAS Fire Science Degree
FIRE.AAS.EMS Emergency Medical Services Degree
FIRE.CER Fire Fighter Certificate
FIRE.CER.MEDIC Paramedic Certificate
GEOGR.CER.GIS Geographic Information Systems Certificate
GRDSN.AAS Graphic Design Degree
GRDSN.AAS.MEDIA Interactive Media Degree
GRDSN.CER.FOUND Graphic Design Foundation Certificate
GRDSN.CER.WEBDE Web Design Certificate
HIDP.CER Hearing Instrument Dispensary Program Certificate
HIT.AAS Health Information Technology Degree
HIT.CER.MBIL Medical Billing Certificate
HIT.CER.PCOD Physician Coding Certificate
HORT.AAS Horticulture Degree
HORT.AAS.LAND Landscape & Contracting Management Degree
HORT.AAS.URBAN Sustainable Urban Agriculture Degree
HORT.CER.FLOR Floral Shop Management Certificate
HORT.CER.GRDN Nursery & Garden Center Management Certificate
HORT.CER.GRNH Greenhouse Management Certificate
HORT.CER.LAND Landscape Design & Construction Certificate
HORT.CER.TURF Landscape and Turf Maintenance Certificate
HORT.CER.URBAN Sustainable Urban Agriculture Certificate
HOSP.AAS.EVENT Meeting & Event Planning Degree
HOSP.AAS.MGMT Hospitality Management Degree
HOSP.AAS.REST Restaurant Management Degree
HOSP.AAS.TRVL Travel/Tourism Degree
HOSP.CER.EVENT Meeting & Event Planning Certificate
HOSP.CER.OPER Hospitality Management Operations Certificate
HOSP.CER.PROF Travel/Tourism Professional Certificate
HOSP.CER.RESORT Resort Management Certificate
HOSP.CER.REST Restaurant Management Certificate
HOSP.CER.SALE Hospitality Sales and Marketing Certificate
HUMAN.AAS Human Services Degree
HUMAN.AAS.ADDIC Addictions Counseling Degree
HUMAN.CER Human Services Generalist Certificate
HUMAN.CER.ADDIC Addictions Counseling Certificate
HUMAN.CER.CORR Corrections Counseling Certificate
HUMAN.CER.DEVD S Developmental Disabilities Certificate
HUMAN.CER.DOM Domestic/Family Violence Counseling Certificate
HUMAN.CER.GERO N Applied Gerontology Certificate
HUMAN.CER.RECOV Recovery Support Specialist 
HUMAN.CER.RESCC Residential Child Care Certificate
HUMAN.CER.VET Veterans Counseling Certificate
HVACR.AAS.HVAC HVACR Service Technician Degree
HVACR.AAS.MAINT HVACR Facility Maintenance Mechanic Degree
HVACR.CER.HVAC HVACR Service Technician Certificate
HVACR.CER.STATO P Stationary Operator Certificate
HVACR.CER.SYSTM Building Automation Systems Certificate
INET.AAS.IMMT Integrated Mechatronics and Manufacturing Technology (InET)
INTER.AAS Interior Design Degree
INTER.CER.COMP Interior Design Computer Applications Certificate
INTER.CER.KBD Kitchen & Bath Design Certificate
INTER.CER.LITE Interior Design Lighting Certificate
LIBRA.AAS Library & Information Technology Degree
LIBRA.CER Library & Information Technology Certificate
LTC.CER Long Term Care Administration Certificate
MANAG.AAS Management Degree
MANAG.CER Management Certificate
MANAG.CER.BEC Business Environment & Concepts Certificate
MANUF.AAS Manufacturing Technology Degree
MANUF.AAS.AUTO Automated Manufacturing Systems Degree
MANUF.AAS.DRAFT Manufacturing Technology Drafting/Design Degree
MANUF.AAS.MET Manufacturing Engineering Technology Degree
MANUF.CER Manufacturing Technology Certificate
MANUF.CER.AUTO Automated Manufacturing Systems Certificate
MANUF.CER.CAD Computer-Aided Design Certificate
MANUF.CER.CNC CNC Operations Certificate
MANUF.CER.DRAFT Manufacturing Drafting/Design Certificate
MANUF.CER.MOLD Mold Making Certificate
MANUF.CER.TOOL Tool & Die Making Certificate
MARKE.AAS Marketing Degree
MARKE.CER Marketing Certificate
MASST.AAS Medical Assistant Degree
MASST.CER Medical Assistant Certificate
MPTV.AAS.ANIMAT Animation Degree
MPTV.AAS.BROADC ST Digital Broadcast Journalism Degree
MPTV.AAS.FILM Motion Picture Television Film/Video Production Degree
MPTV.AAS.PROD Motion Picture Television Production Degree
MPTV.CER Motion Picture/Television Certificate
MPTV.CER.ANIMA Animation Certificate
MRIT.CER Magnetic Resonance Imaging Advanced Certificate
MUSIC.AAS Music Business Degree
MUSIC.AFA Associate in Fine Arts - Music
MUSIC.CER.AUDIO Audio Production Certificate
NURSI.AAS Nursing Degree
NURSI.CER Practical Nursing Certificate
OFTI.AAS.EXEC Executive Assistant Degree
OFTI.AAS.SUPRT Administrative Support Specialist Degree
OFTI.CER.ESSEN Administrative Support Essentials Certificate
OFTI.CER.MEDOF Medical Office Certificate
OFTI.CER.SPEC Office Technology Specialist Certificate
OFTI.CER.SUPRT Administrative Support Specialist Certificate
OPTH.AAS Ophthalmic Technician
PHOTO.AAS.TECH Photography Technology Degree
PHOTO.CER.TECH Photography Technology Certificate
PHYS.CER.FITN Fitness Instructor Certificate
PHYTA.AAS Physical Therapist Assistant Degree
PLGL.AAS Legal Studies Degree (formerly Paralegal Studies)
PLGL.CER Legal Studies Certificate (formerly Paralegal Studies)
RATH.CER Radiation Therapy Certificate
RESP.AAS.RC Respiratory Care
SLPA.AAS Speech-Language Pathology Assistant Degree
SURGT.AAS Surgical Technology Degree
WELD.AAS Welding Technology Degree
WELD.CER Welding Certificate
WELD.CER.AWS AWS Sense 1 Certificate

Effective with the 2022-2023 award year, students enrolled at public institutions in eligible short-term certificate programs that award credit hours may be eligible for a MAP award. This includes certificate programs that are not eligible for Title IV financial aid.

Program Code Program Title
ANTHR Business Anthropology Certificate
ARCH Architectural Rendering Certificate
CIS Python Language Proficiency Certificate
CIS Database Proficiency Certificate
CIS Spreadsheet Proficiency Certificate
CIS Visual Basic Language Certificate
CIS C++ Language Certificate
CIS Web Client Developer Certificate
CIS Enterprise Database Proficiency Certificate
CIS Java Language Certificate
CIT CCNA Security Certificate
CIT COMPTIA A+ & Network+ PC Technician Certificate
CIT Networking Professional Certificate
CIT CIT CCNA Certificate
CIT CIT: Enterprise System Administrator Certificate
CIT Voice Over IP Telephony Specialist Certificate
COSME Nail Technology Certificate
CSPD Central Sterile Process Distrib Tech Certificate
DMIR Mammography Certificate
DMIS Diagnostic Med. Vascular Sonography Certificate
ECEC Infant, Toddler, Two-Year-Old Certificate
ECEC Multicultural Ed/Care Young Child Certificate
EDUCA Teaching Online Utilizing Technology Certificate
ELECT Renewable Energy Technology Certificate
ELMEC Electrician’s Preparation Certificate
ENGLI Creative Writing Certificate
FACM Facility Management General Certificate
FIRE Emergency Medical Technician Certificate
HLTHS Phlebotomy Certificate
HLTHS Non-invasive EKG Technician Certificate
HLTHS Pharmacy Technician Certificate
HORT Horticulture Certificate
HORT Sustainable Landscapes Certificate Certificate
HOSP Hospitality Foundations Certificate
HOSP Wine Appreciation & Knowledge Certificate
HOSP Wedding Planning Management Certificate
HOSP Travel & Tourism Foundations Certificate
HUMAN Co-occurring Disorders Certificate
HVACR Energy Audit & Analysis Certificate
MANAG Supervision Certificate
MANAG Entrepreneurship Certificate
MANAG Organizational Leadership Certificate
MANAG Human Resource Management Certificate
MANUF Manufacturing Skills Standards-Mssc Certificate
MARKE Digital and Social Media Marketing Certificate
MARKE Consumer Marketing Certificate
NURSA Certified Nursing Assistant Training Certificate
OFTI Word Specialist Certificate
PCT Patient Care Tech Program
SOCIO Foundations of Data Science Certificate


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