Employee Recognition: I AM COD

Fall 2020 I Am COD Winners

  • I Am COD Individual Winner - Ellen Farrow (Institutional Advancement)
  • I Am COD Team Winner - Learning Technologies Team
  • Here is the complete list of your Fall 2020 Individual and Team nominees.

Spring 2020 I Am COD Group/Team Award Winners

  • Community Education Fuel Garden/Food Pantry Collaboration team (Deborah Adelman, Shamili Ajgaonkar, Chuck Boone, Diana Del Rosario, Remic Ensweiler, Shannon Hernandez, Tim Meyers, Lauren Morgan, Mark Pearson, Bruce Schmiedl, Chuck Steele, Ana Vitek)
  • Teaching and Learning Center (Laura Talbot, Pam McGowan, Judy Coates, Gina Wheatley)