Faculty Stories: Bill Wolfe

Bill Wolfe

Program: Computer and
Information Technology

Bill Wolfe can trace his love of computers back to his days in prep school during the 1970s, when the institution received the donation of a two-year-old Wang 2200 office computer.

"I asked if I could set it up and learn to use it," he said. "When I had some questions, I called Wang Laboratories Technical Support and they sent me a full set of manuals and answered all my questions. I was hooked!"

Wolfe eventually taught his classmates how to use the computer, which led to an interest in teaching. While he currently works full-time at Cisco Systems as a senior enterprise architect, Wolfe also teaches part-time for the Computer and Information Technology program at College of DuPage.

"Teaching is a way to give back the knowledge, experience and enjoyment I have obtained throughout my career and life in the use of technology," he said. "I hope my passion for technology and learning something new every day is contagious."

Wolfe feels a sense of personal and professional accomplishment while helping others achieve success. He also follows the simple advice of his late father.

"He taught me one valuable lesson: If you are going to do something, do it right the first time or don't bother doing it at all -- always strive for excellence," Wolfe said.

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