Student Stories: Sofie Langan

Sofie Langan

Major: Nursing

After taking her first anatomy class, Sofie Langan knew she wanted to go into medicine.

“I absolutely loved learning anatomical science and wanted to dive deeper into pathophysiology and pharmacology,” she said. “I have always enjoyed being in school, so medicine had a lot of great options for me because it is all so intensive.”

Langan decided to pursue nursing when she started at College of DuPage because it was a career with many available avenues and endless learning opportunities.

“I wanted to give myself the best chance possible to pursue advanced education,” she said. “With COD offering affordable education and great opportunities, I believe I can achieve my goals. I also decided to attend COD because they incorporate sophisticated technology in the Nursing program. Having multifunctional mannequins, virtual reality technology and modern simulation hospital settings available to students told me that I would get a good education at COD.” 

Scholarships at COD

In addition, Langan received the Board of Trustees Scholars Award, which consists of $2,500 per year ($1,250 per semester) that is renewable for up to four semesters. While serving as executive vice president of Phi Theta Kappa, she also was awarded the Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship from the COD Foundation.

“Having these funds significantly helped me maintain my stamina in school,” she said. “I have worked one job, and at some points two jobs, to afford tuition costs, and I know a lot of students can relate to this. However, with every dollar COD supported me with, I could put away another dollar for my future career and educational goals. The Board of Trustees Scholars Award really supported me for much of my nursing education.”

During her time in the Nursing program, Langan found a passion in caring for people that she finds fulfilling. She enjoys how interactive and involved the program is, even when she was studying online due to COVID-19. She is happy to participate as a peer tutor, mentor and member of the Student Nurse Association, which helped her develop leadership and communication skills that she will use in her career.

With COD offering affordable education and great opportunities, I believe I can achieve my goals.

Sofie Langan

In earning her associate degree, Langan was named one the College’s outstanding graduate finalists. She plans to work as a nurse while pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and then a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP), specializing in midwifery and women’s health.

“My career goal is to be practicing as a midwife and working in a labor and delivery unit, while also having the option to teach nursing as a DNP,” she said. “I do not believe I could ever leave the hospital setting because I have truly fallen in love with it. However, I have also found an unexpected interest in teaching and helping other nursing students achieve their goals.”

Langan is happy that COD’s Nursing program exceeded her expectations. She advises prospective nursing students to take care of themselves and to be prepared for the challenges of becoming a nurse.

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“The content of nursing school is difficult regardless of your school, age or life situation,” she said. “But there are ways to cope with the stress and thoroughly enjoy your time in nursing school. Care for your mental and emotional health, spend time doing what you love, and just know that the hard work you put into your education today will pay off tomorrow. 

“I also believe every incoming COD student should maximize their time. Whatever that means for you personally, make it happen. If you are here to prepare for attending a four-year university, then take as many transferrable credits as you can. Get involved on campus, get to know people, engage in the community and make the most of the time you will spend at COD. If you are here for a specialized program like I am, take advantage of the opportunities they provide for success. Community college is stigmatized because it is not the traditional educational pathway. However, if you keep a positive attitude and take advantage of all the things COD has to offer, it can be a great experience.”

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