faculty member speaking on stage at Honors and Scholars Awards

2023/2024 Celebration of Academic Excellence

The 2023-2024 Celebration of Academic Excellence recognizes student achievements such as graduating Honors Scholars and Honors Scholar Candidates, STEM Scholarship completers, outstanding students by academic discipline, recipients of Honors Program Transfer Scholarships and students who presented at the HCIR Student Symposium.

2023-2024 Celebration of Academic Excellence Photos

Honors Student Advisory Committee

The Honors Student Advisory Committee (HSAC) represents students within the Honors Program and brings COD students together through social events, field trips and service. Members maintain a minimum 3.2 cumulative GPA.

  • Emilija Januleviciute, President
  • Michelle Watkins, Vice President, Fall 2023
  • Rishi Vithani, Vice President, Spring 2024
  • Matthew Van Duyn, Secretary
  • John Ogan, Treasurer
  • Adam Baghdadi, Student Representative
  • Ximena Luna, Co-Vice
  • President of Marketing, Fall 2023
  • Ema Tomesevic, Co-Vice President of Marketing, Fall 2023
  • Thomas Gilmartin, Vice President of Marketing, Spring 2024
  • Khushboo Chavda, Co-Vice President of Marketing, Spring 2024

2023/2024 Honors Awards

Members of the Honors Scholars are graduating students who have successfully completed a minimum of 18 semester hours of Honors courses or 15 hours, including an Honors seminar. These graduating students maintained a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.2/4.0 and will receive the Honors Scholar designation on their transcripts. They are given a medal to wear at Commencement.

  • Ruth Baek
  • Faith Barr
  • Sarah Brownlie
  • Ellisa Dooley
  • Finn Farmer
  • Thamires Favato-Barista
  • Ty Giordano
  • Shaelyn Hanley
  • Joshua Hennings
  • Alina Imrisek
  • Samantha Johnson
  • Christopher Kovich
  • Edward Lytle
  • Victoria Morales
  • Tristan Rios
  • Gabriela Rodriguez
  • Nicole Spencer
  • Kadee Swanson
  • Matthew Van Duyn
  • Amy Winter

Honors Scholar Candidates

Honors Scholar Candidates are students who have successfully completed at least 9 semester hours of Honors courses while maintaining a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.2/4.0. These students receive the Honors Scholar Candidate designation on their transcripts. We recognize the Honors Scholar Candidates who are graduating this year.

  • Samuel Aristodemo
  • Zaynab Chida
  • Rachael Coppe
  • Carolyn Goldsmith
  • Ziwen Lian
  • Mykah Moore
  • Carlos Munoz
  • Ethan Nievera
  • Annette Parcero
  • Lazar Radonjic
  • Giovanni Zavalza

Honors Scholar Candidates are students who have successfully completed at least 9 semester hours of Honors courses while maintaining a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.2/4.0. These students receive the Honors Scholar Candidate designation on their transcripts.

  • Jacob Aboutar
  • August Allington
  • Dana Alvizo
  • Ariana Anderson
  • Ingrid Bantugan
  • Aden Batool
  • Emily Beaudin
  • Marcelo Bolivar Zayas
  • Brianna Borger
  • Aryan Cadena
  • Axiel Cano
  • Efrain Carraman
  • Francesca Caruso
  • Ester Caushi
  • Leah Cavanaugh
  • Alyssa Marie Cordero
  • Marygrace Couri
  • Edwin De La O
  • Deven Denava
  • Trent DiBrito
  • Matthew Dyteves
  • Stephanie Escobar
  • Courtney Ewers
  • Opeyemi Fanami
  • Joseph Fedinec
  • Lucas Ferguson
  • Viviana Fuentes
  • Ariana Garcia Villalba
  • Nathan George
  • Samuel Glogovsky
  • Diana Green
  • Therese Hagen
  • Mia Halama
  • Kathryn Hardy
  • Jenna Hayles
  • Angel Hernandez
  • Logan Hess
  • Gannon Hosticka
  • Nina Istomina
  • Jana Jabi
  • Emma Jahaske
  • Emilija Januleviciute
  • Emily Kesler
  • Dina Khubieh
  • Khamiya Langston
  • Adam Lifka
  • Eve Linden
  • Adam Makhlouf
  • Asha Makwana
  • Jordan Mozockie
  • Amber Murphy
  • Mayank Naik
  • Cheyenne Nape
  • Roselynne Njau
  • John Ogan
  • Dylan O’Meara
  • Jan Louis Ornillo
  • Carlo Panettone
  • Aarti Patel
  • John Payne
  • Brenda Perez
  • Nicholas Phillips
  • Isabelle Pradeep
  • Mohney Raza
  • Taylor Rush
  • Gabrieta Salkovski
  • Sneha Sharma
  • Anna Sheridan
  • Aiden Smith
  • Andrew Smith
  • Bilal Sudhir
  • Sing Thang
  • Lainey Tran
  • Morgan Trask
  • Lex Truby
  • Katerina Werthaimova
  • Joshua Yan
  • Asma Yawari
  • Gabriella Zima
  • Max Zuniga

The following students received full-tuition scholarships to the following schools:

  • Emily Kesler, DePaul University
  • Viviana Fuentes, Elmhurst University
  • Rachel Martin, North Central College

One student received a generous Honors Transfer Scholarship to the following school:

  • Lourdez Ardila, Aurora University
  • Lourdez Ardila
  • Stephanie Chavez

Outstanding Graduate Finalists

  • Ty Giordano
  • Lindsey Gottardo
  • Celina Gregor
  • Rosie Montalbano
  • Ayesha Shafiuddin
  • John Tolle
  • Matthew Van Duyn

Faculty members and staff nominated the following students for demonstrating academic excellence within a specific discipline, program or department:

  • Orlina Abdulhussain, English
  • Jaden Aldaco, Architecture
  • Jordan Cramer, Automotive
  • Jordan Cramer, Welding
  • Pilar Delgado-Garcia, Education
  • Anastasia Dogaru, Center for Access and Accommodation
  • Tatiana Dogaru, Center for Access and Accommodation
  • Isaac Guzman, Business, Management and Marketing
  • William Hart, Construction Management
  • Jennifer Jennings, Student Life
  • Christian Juvan, Languages
  • Zayd Khan, Physics
  • Jason Kosloski, Athletics
  • Bemi Ross Lanado, Culinary Arts
  • Rachel Martin, Chemistry
  • Lisa Milczarek, Anatomy and Physiology
  • Samantha Monreal, Fashion Studies
  • Quinn Mullany, History
  • Joey Nehls, Physical Education, Fitness and Sports Studies
  • Melissa Ocon, Human Services
  • John Ogan, Sociology
  • Natalie Orsic, Earth Science
  • Jennifer Osborne, Physical Therapist Assistant
  • Sasha Pistone-Hibben, Psychology
  • Ayesha Shafiuddin, Computer and Information Science
  • Ashley Stannard, Paralegal Studies
  • Amber Steffey, Diagnostic Medical Imaging Sonography
  • Jennifer Suszek, Horticulture
  • Alexandria Svoboda, Cosmetology
  • Ayush Thaker, Math
  • Audrey Thorson, Interior Design
  • Alexander Wisniewski, Theater
  • Brett Yepez-O’Boyle, Learning Commons

The following students have completed the STEM Student Success Scholarship program funded by the National Science Foundation:

  • Sumayyah Ahmed
  • Isabella Chou
  • Muhamed Gorenca
  • Yuriy Goshovskiy
  • Mohammed Dastagir Hussain
  • Michael Lazarov
  • Jonathan Martinez
  • Marvin Nguyen
  • Ayesha Patel
  • Krish Patel
  • Ty Randle
  • Farooq Siddiqui
  • Joshua Spohn

The following students gave presentations at the HCIR Student Symposium on Feb. 24, 2024. The symposium was hosted by Southern Illinois University Carbondale’s University Honors Program.

  • Sadie Gilligan
  • Angel Hernandez
  • Ethan Nievera
  • Aarti Patel
  • Ruju Rai
  • Ayesha Shaffiuddin
  • Kadee Swanson

2023-2024 Illinois Community College Faculty Association Scholarship Recipients

  • Anna Krupinski
  • Mattew Van Duyn

American Psychiatric Association Future Leaders in Psychiatry Program

The following student has been selected for a year-long mentoring and networking program by the APA. The mentorship includes funding to attend the APA Annual Meeting, May 4 to 8, in New York City.

  • Roselynne Njau

2024 Summer Scholar at Chautauqua

The following student has been selected by Community Compact, Inc. to attend the Chautauqua Institution for one week in July with all expenses paid. Chautauqua Institution is a not-for-profit, 750-acre community on Chautauqua Lake in southwestern New York State that hosts lectures and performances.

  • Aden Batool

Alice Snelgrove Honors Scholarship

This scholarship honors a much-admired former director of the Honors Program. It was established to assist an Honors Program student who is actively pursuing an associate degree and plans to transfer and graduate from a baccalaureate-granting institution.

  • Lucas DiGuido

Shirley Jannusch Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship honors the memory of Shirley Jannusch, beloved wife of Alan Jannusch and mother of Rob Jannusch, a distinguished 1999 graduate of College of DuPage. This scholarship is for students currently enrolled in Honors Program classes.

  • Alyssa Cordero

Outstanding Honors Faculty Award

Selected by the Honors Student Advisory Committee with input from the Honors Program students:

  • Dr. James Allen, Professor of English