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Demonstrated Competency Process

The following outlines the demonstrated competency process for the ASLI program at COD. 

  1. Contact the program coordinator to schedule an interview.
  2. Pay the $75.00 fee to the testing center prior to the interview.
    • Interviews will be cancelled if the fee is not paid.
  3. Students may request an interview to waive more than one course, but the $75.00 fee must be paid per course.
  4. All interviews must be scheduled prior to the start of the semester.
  5. Interviews are limited to the following courses:
    • SIGN-1101
    • SIGN-1102
    • SIGN-1103
    • SIGN-2101
    • SIGN-2103
  6. Students who demonstrate competency in the areas outlined below will be waived from the appropriate course(s) and must contact the Coordinator for a permit to register for the next courses in the sequence.

Demonstrating Competency

Students must demonstrate the following for the respective courses:


  • Demonstrate moderate expressive and receptive fingerspelling/number skills
  • Demonstrate the ability to discuss family, occupations, daily routines, attribute qualities, and describe physical surroundings
  • Demonstrate appropriate facial grammatical markers for negations, commands, yes/no questions, wh-questions, and rhetorical sentence structures.
  • Demonstrate topic-comment and contrastive structure with accurate nonmanual markers
  • Demonstrate role-shifting and utilize space


  • Demonstrate complex vocabulary to make suggestions, requests, and complaints, express concerns, opinions, and to ask for clarification
  • Demonstrate the ability to explain rules, discuss health conditions, finances and major life choices
  • Demonstrate temporal aspect, verb inflection, and conditional sentences
  • Demonstrate extensive knowledge of the seven classifier categories


  • Demonstrate clear handshapes of each fingerspelled letter and number
  • Demonstrate rules of fingerspelling and numbers in terms of:
    • Range
    • Movement
    • Palm Orientation
  • Demonstrate the ability to apply the three C’s of fingerspelling to determine a word
    • Context
    • Configuration
    • Closure
  • Demonstrate moderate expressive and receptive lexicalized fingerspelled signing


  • Demonstrate ranges of expressions, vocabulary, grammar, and non-verbal techniques
  • Demonstrate the ability to explain nouns both present and absent
  • Demonstrate the ability to discuss complex and abstract ideas
  • Demonstrate multifaceted idiomatic expressions, loan signs, and conversational forms of fingerspelling and sign production
  • Demonstrate body language that correlates to the dialogue

SIGN - 2103

  • Demonstrate fluency expressing and comprehending ASL through flow and cohesion
  • Demonstrate fluency in idiomatic language usage, vocabulary, and syntax
  • Demonstrate advanced narratives in ASL
  • Demonstrate fluency in ASL discourse structures
    • Expansion
    • Reiteration
    • Contrasting
    • Faceting
    • Exampling
    • Scaffolding
    • Spatial Organization
    • Bookends
  • Demonstrate competency using sign in formal and informal registers
  • Demonstrate conceptually accurate sign choices


Contact Information

Adam Wasilewski
ASLI Program Coordinator
Berg Instructional Center (BIC), Room 2H06D
(630) 318-6806