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Horticulture Academic Credit Internships

Horticulture students must complete an internship as part of the requirement for graduation for a degree or certificate. Students who are interested in pursuing academic credit should take note of the following requirements and academic approval process:

  • Any student enrolled in a program requiring an internship should consult their academic department first before starting the approval process or beginning an internship.
  • Students who want to pursue an internship for Academic Credit need to meet the following internship requirements.
  • Students must complete the required digital internship forms online in order to receive a permit to register for the Internship course.
  • When completing the initial internship form, work with your internship employer in developing three learning goals for your internship experience. Verify these learning goals with your faculty advisor before submitting the final paperwork for approval.
    • The first three learning goals should follow this example:
      • Learning Goal: Plant watering using the PRIVA Computing System
      • Learning Plan: Observation, training, hands-on experience with supervisor and staff
      • Evaluation Input: Supervisor Evaluation Input
    • Your fourth learning goal should look like the following:
      • Learning Goal: Horticulture Internship Portfolio in Blackboard
      • Learning Plan: Per Horticulture Internship Portfolio Guidelines
      • Evaluation Input: Horticulture Internship Rubric

Students are not allowed to start an academic credit internship with an employer until they are registered for the course. Contact Brian Clement at if you have questions about the process or to begin the registration process. 

Steps to Register for an Internship

In order to register for an internship, complete the digital initial internship paperwork to get a permit to register for your internship course by the deadline. This process requires employer approval, faculty advisor approval, dean approval and career services approval in order to get a permit to register for the academic credit internship. Follow all academic internship registration deadlines.

Once you have received the permit for the internship course by email, you will need to call Registration Services to register and pay for the course at (630) 942-2377.  

Once you are registered for the Academic Credit Internship, you can begin your internship with the employer.

If you need additional assistance, watch the Career Services Academic Internship Credit video to learn more.

Internship Requirements

During your internship you are required to complete the following:

  • Document your internship experience in the Blackboard Portfolio using the template and Internship Portfolio Assessment Rubric. A portfolio is a compilation of academic and professional materials that exemplifies your beliefs, skills, qualifications, education, training, and experiences. It provides insight into your personality and work ethic. Think of your portfolio as an extension of your resume showing your best work.
  • Keep a detailed, typed daily journal with a description of what you did each day, what you learned and how many hours worked to include in your portfolio.
  • Take pictures of your internship experience to include in your portfolio documenting that you are meeting your internship goals. Include descriptive captions.
  • When you have completed 20 of the total required Internship hours (225 hours) contact Faculty Advisor Brian Clement at to schedule a site visit with you and your internship supervisor.
  • Request an exit interview with your internship supervisor and Faculty Advisor Brian Clement at Request an interview at least two weeks in advance. 
  • When you have completed your internship and Blackboard online portfolio, share your portfolio with Brian Clement and Frank Balestri in Blackboard so a grade can be issued.
  • Complete the final internship form in Chaps Get Hired App.

Portfolio Resources

Upon completion of the internship, complete the Horticulture Department Final Internship Form  and uploaded into your Internship Portfolio in Blackboard.

If you would like to save a copy of your Blackboard Internship Portfolio to use after you graduate, you can  download Blackboard Portfolio.