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Motion Picture/Television Programs

The Motion Picture/Television (MPTV) program is dedicated to helping you learn the art, craft and technology behind motion picture and television to help transform your dreams into work that moves.

MPTV offers several unique and degree certificate programs in animation, digital broadcast journalism, film and video production and television production. Learn from faculty with real-world experience, use state-of-the-art equipment, take innovative courses and have access to an exciting studio environment that will spark your imagination.

Graduates of the Motion Picture/Television program find employment as camera operators, animators, writers and editors, directors and audio technicians and freelance producers or production team members. Advancement in the field is usually based on both area-specific skills and a broad-based background.

If your goal is to pursue a bachelor’s degree, the Motion Picture/Television program has transfer agreements with several colleges and universities.

Select a Motion Picture/Television Program

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Create 3D animations, motion graphics or traditional hand-drawn animation.

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Digital Broadcast Journalism

Learn the secrets of writing for news and talk-show productions and news-story gathering.

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Make movies, commercials or documentaries, work on single-camera productions and learn essential filmmaker tasks.

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Television Production

Gain skills in scripting, preproduction, camera techniques, TV control room operation and post-production methods.

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COD Stories

Anisa Selenica

"You remember the people you worked with, and you start to expand their resumes and yourself. Still today, I make short films with my closest friends I met through COD." - Anisa Selenica

Anisa's COD Story

COD Stories

Dorcas Brou

"The leadership skills I gained at COD have built the leader I am. I have been able to look at my strengths and weaknesses in several roles and can now carry this reference with me along the rest of my journey." - Dorcas Brou

Dorcas' COD Story

COD Stories

Matt Miltonberger

"I truly love COD. It is a fantastic school and the MPTV program is phenomenal. A lot of people look down on community colleges in general, but honestly, going to a community college was the best decision I made academically and financially." - Matt Miltonberger

Matt's COD Story

COD Stories

Christopher Boyd

"The instructors really know their craft and they genuinely want to assist you in your field. Also, several of the courses in the MPTV program are very hands on. In my opinion, that is the best way to study and learn in this field.” - Christopher Boyd

Christopher's COD Story