The administration team at College of DuPage oversees the institution-wide operations of the College and is essential in ensuring that the College fulfills its mission of excellence in teaching and learning while providing an accessible, affordable and comprehensive education. See below for an alphabetical list of current administrative leaders at COD. View the administration organization chart

James Benté

Vice President
Planning and Institutional Effectiveness

Donna Berliner

Information Technology Services

Scott Brady

Interim Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer

Thomas Brady

Associate Dean
Public Service and Homeland Security Training Institute

Dr. Brian Caputo


Joseph Cassidy

Assistant Vice President, Economic Development
Dean, Continuing Education & Public Services

Judy Contreras

Interim Director
Human Resources and Total Rewards

Dr. Mark Curtis-Chávez


Dr. Jennifer Cumpston

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

Dr. Diana Del Rosario

Assistant Provost
Student Affairs

Kristine Fay

Business and Applied Technology

Cesar Flores

Interim Dean
Enrollment Management

Dilyss Gallyot

Interim Dean
Nursing and Health Sciences

Faon Grandinetti

Assessment of Student Learning Outcomes

Steve Gustis

Interim Associate Dean
Counseling, Advising and Transfer Services

Marianne Hunnicutt

Social/Behavioral Sciences and The Library

Nishia Ikezoe Heard

Senior Director
Student Financial Assistance, Veterans Services and Scholarships

Don Inman

Facilities Planning and Development

Walter J. Johnson

Vice President
Institutional Advancement

Laurie Jorgensen

Marketing and Creative Services

Ryan Kaiser

Athletics and Recreational Programs 

Lilianna Kalin

General Counsel

James Kostecki

Director Research and Analytics

Diana Martinez

McAninch Arts Center

Dr. Sandra Martins

Liberal Arts

James Martner

Compliance and Internal Auditor

Dr. Nicole Matos

Interim Associate Vice President
Assessment & Student Success

Wendy McCambridge

Legislative Relations and Special Assistant to the President

Tamara McClain

Admissions and Outreach, Campus Central, and International Services

Jennifer McIntosh

Associate Dean

Dr. Nathania Montes

Interim Dean
Student Development

Joseph Mullin

Chief of Police

Wendy E. Parks

Vice President 
Public Relations, Communications and Marketing

Anthony Ramos

Interim Dean
Arts, Communication and Hospitality

Ellen Roberts

Interim Vice President
Administrative Affairs

Maritza Ruano

Vice President
Human Resources

Dr. Cynthia Sims

Associate Vice President
Academic Partnerships and Learning Resources

Dr. Lisa Stock

Interim Assistant Provost of Instruction
Academic Affairs

Marjorie Swanson

Assistant General Counsel

Roberto Valadez

Pathways for Student Success

Dr. Sonia Watson

Interim Assistant Dean/Adjunct Associate Vice President
Academic Affairs