photo of Dr. Caputo

President's Message

Greetings District 502 Community

During the pandemic, College of DuPage provided outreach that supported community efforts to help our residents. This included donations of personal protective equipment to local medical facilities, food drives, and a community giving campaign that supported nonprofit partner agencies and families.

As the world moves past the pandemic, the College stands ready to continue its good work in engaging the community. We offer programs, services, and arts and cultural initiatives for people seeking unique experiences. We help local businesses and nonprofits pursue development opportunities. We provide outreach efforts that range from community events to volunteerism.

For all that we offer, more can be done. We challenge our diverse community to find and develop new connections with the College. This could be additional internship and mentorship opportunities for our students or outreach efforts that provide greater support for our communities.

These relationships help us to create strategies that benefit the entire institution as we support our mission to be a center of excellence in teaching, learning and cultural experiences.

Looking ahead, we must seize the moment, dream big and work with one another. Community engagement matters and will always be a key component of the College’s identity.



Dr. Brian Caputo 
College of DuPage